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A Small Field Trip, and a Night of Cards

Today (Friday the 24th) was our last day talking about our readings in class.  We discussed four short stories from James Joyce’s Dubliners and how the stories depicted the sad reality of the typical person living in Ireland at the time; and for that reason it took him a long time to get this book […]

The Beginning of the End

Today (the twenty-first) marked our last full Tuesday here in Ballyvaughan. We will be leaving for Dublin one week from today and everyone is doing their best to enjoy their last few days here. We woke up to the now all-too familiar sound of rain, and although the day was rather rainy and cloudy overall, […]

Return from Cork and Ceili Dancing

After a weekend of enjoying some free time in both Cork and Blarney, we were relieved to only have one class in the afternoon in order to get some rest after some long travels. After a discussion of Angela’s Ashes with Baker and individually going over our photographic project proposals with Priscilla, we were ready […]

Freetime in Ireland

This weekend we were finally set free to explore Ireland- provided we stayed in groups and told Baker and Priscilla where we’d be getting our beauty sleep. Aly, Lacie, Tram, Jessica, Eric, and I all decided to go to Cork. Friday night we split up, as Aly and I were meeting up with a good […]

Half-a-Day Then Fly Away!

Today we were only on campus until after lunch because many people from our group are going away this weekend! Some of us are going to cork, while others are headed to Ennis and others still to Doolin. “I’m excited to travel to Ennis because I’ve traveled abroad before in high school but we weren’t able […]

Not Your Typical Faerietales

The beginning of our second week in Ireland was a surprisingly sunny day—a rarity of our time spent in the Burren. In our morning photography class, Priscilla walked us through the fundamentals of natural and urban landscapes by visiting photo collections such as Paul Gaffrey’s We Made the Path by Walking, Richard Mosse’s Infra, Beth […]

Ireland J-Term 2013: Arrival in Ireland

Late Sunday morning, we flew out of the Twin Cities, snow and lakes forming a fractal-patterned Jackson Pollock painting beneath us. Up at thirty thousand feet, it was only a little colder than on the ground below. After landing in New York, a seven-hour layover gave us plenty of time to explore JFK Airport–we were […]

Stalking in the Burren

So thanksgiving was awesome in Belfast and I’m an idiot and didn’t bring my camera so you don’t get to see what the giants causeway, the rope bridge, or any of the other sweet things I saw.  Although I’m sure if you google them you’ll get a general idea what they look like.  Kathren and […]

Lisdoonvarna and THE MOUNTAIN

Last weekend a bunch of us decided it would be fun to go to the matchmaking festival in lisdoonvarna, which is a town maybe twenty minutes away or so.  It’s a month long festival held in the town, which also is known for it’s spa’s.  It’s a crazy mess of pubs, with lot’s of people […]

Galway, Dublin, Turloughs oh my!

We went on a trip to Galway, a city about a 45 minute drive from Ballyvaughan.  It’s a good sized city with plenty of things to do.  We went on a walking tour of it, our guide was excellent he was very funny and told us all kinds of rumors, and interesting facts, like the […]