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The Burren

They kept us very busy during orientation and the week following.  So far we’ve done a bus tour of the Burren, and  the Connemara.  Which was a lot of fun, the beaches which make up a part of the Connemara are beautiful, and because it was briefly sunny when we were there it looked more […]

Orientation in Dublin

So I meant to post this a week ago, and thought I had but apparently I didn’t so, many apologies. I’m attending The Burren through IFSA, which holds an orientation before taking us out to school in Dublin for two days.  There are only two students from IFSA going to Burren so, Kathren and I […]

Getting Ready to Take Off.

Hello All! I will be studying abroad in Ballyvaughan, Ireland, at a Burren College of Art a small college on the West Coast of the Republic of Ireland. My flight has been scheduled and now I’m beginning the seemingly endless process of what to pack for 4 months? how many bags will the airline allow? what do […]