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Water in the Desert

Egypt is a country reliant on the Nile. It’s easy to see this when looking at a map of Egypt. For a fairly large country, it’s striking how compact the cities are. A vast majority of the country lives along the banks of the Nile, leaving most dots on the map in a squiggly line […]

Food in Egypt

I love to eat and I imagine that if I knew how I would love to cook. A large part of my love is exploring new things. Luckily for me, Egypt hasn’t let me down at all. There has been a ton of local food to try. Even better, I’ve enjoyed nearly everything I’ve tried […]

The Arab Spring and summer and fall etc

    Looking back on everything I’ve written here, I need to say a few things first. This is all based on my own experiences and those I’ve spoken to directly. I can’t pretend to speak for either Egyptians or Americans, only myself. Also, this is by no means comprehensive. I have left out a […]

The Land of the Nile

  My name is Matt (or Mat-ta here in Egypt because the word mat in Arabic means dead) Erdahl and I am spending a semester in Alexandria, Egypt in order to learn Arabic. I am originally from Chaska, Minnesota, about 6,000 miles from where I am now. Even though I’m majoring in political science and […]