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These are study abroad programs that last for one semester

Kuala Lumpur Tower

While on our trip to Kuala Lumpur (the capitol of Malaysia) the group stopped at the KL tower. We were very fortunate to get our own personal tour guide, after telling some of the employees that we were a group of students from America. Before going to the top, the group watched a short video […]

Herping at Perlis State Park

On our weekend trip to Perlis State Park, we had the opportunity to go herping both Friday and Saturday night. Herping is the act of searching for amphibians and reptiles. We went at night because it is easiest to find these animals when it is cooler outside so they do not have to be in […]

Kuala Kangsar

The Gusties were up bright and early this morning with a 7 am departure time from the USM campus to head towards Kuala Kangsar. It was a busy but enjoyable day, with 3 main stops. We started the day at a traditional shop selling pottery made from clay from a local kampung. We were able […]

Perlis State Park- An Outdoor Weekend

Hello! Friday the 7th through Sunday the 10th the Gustavus troupe made a long pilgrimage to Perlis State Park. It is located in Perlis (the northernmost state) right on the border to Thailand. I really enjoyed this trip; it was a very nice to get out of the city and enjoy nature. Upon arrival we […]

Spelunking @ Perlis State Park

This past weekend, the 12 of us and the faculty/staff of USM headed to Perlis State Park in Kaki Bukit, Perlis, Malaysia!¬†Among the various outings, Spelunking in particular happened on Sunday morning! In case you were wondering, spelunking is also known as caving! To reach the cave, we trekked about 2 miles from our cabins […]

Visit to the Gandhi Ashram

Yesterday evening we were invited to meet Dr. Anwar Fazal, a lifelong teacher and social activist from Penang. We met at the Gandhi Ashram, dedicated to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, and were greeted with a fresh coconut each as a welcoming refreshment. After a discussion and a walk in the beautiful Penang […]

Hike to Monkey Beach

  Today twelve of us hiked into the Penang National Park, from the entrance at Teluk Bahang out to the famous Monkey Beach. The 5 km trek in, which followed the coastline, was full of uneven terrain, rocks, fallen trees, and lots of ups and downs! We managed to reach there in about an hour […]

The first 10 days

Our first 10 days here in Penang, Malaysia have been a whirlwind. From the food to the heat to the languages to the city, we have all had so many new experiences and already have some great stories. During orientation at the Hyatt Place in Minneapolis, we took a field trip to the Midtown Global […]

What a Difference One Week Makes

  From one Saturday to the next, it seems impossible to believe how different things can be. On Saturday, February 8, we gathered at the Hyatt Place hotel in Bloomington and, after a few hours of orientation, went as a group to Red Lobster for dinner. The outdoor temperature was below zero as we rushed […]

To the Country I Loved So Well

A silence choked the air as the man strode across the cold stone floor and tucked himself away on the creaky oak bench. The white lapels of his crinkled shirt overpowered his brown blazer. The singer rested a guitar on his tan cords and held the neck of the instrument at his shoulders. He gave […]