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Testing. one. two. three?

Hey! This is my first official posting for my India blog. No, i’m not in India yet (11 days…not that i’m counting) but I just wanted to make sure this whole thing worked before they released me into the wild jungle that is Bangalore, India! Hope this blog finds everyone having a great summer…or at […]

More news from India!

Hello friends, family, and faithful SJPD blog followers! Katie Everett speaking (well, typing). We have started our LAST course, Religion, Society and Culture. India is a country of many religions, and there?s only enough time to tickle the surface, but we?re doing what we can. Our main focus areas are creed, cult, and culture. We […]

Vanakkam, minna-san!

This means “Hello, everyone!”  Actually, that’s a combination of Tamil, a language spoken here in India, as well as Japanese, both of which I (sort of) speak.  My name is Brendan Nadeau, a junior political science major at Gustavus Adolphus college.  This week, the SPJD group was in Andhra Pradesh, near Zaheerabad, Medak district.  Earlier, we […]

Um, what happened this week?

Wow, So I am straining my brain trying to remember what happened the week that I am supposed to write about.  We are now all back from our mid-semester breaks, I think everyone had a wonderful time (I know that I did).  But anyway I am supposed to write about the week before we left […]

Hello! Hello!

Brendan Wilkes here! Sorry about this post being a bit late, the internet wasn’t being nice before departing for our week long stay, but now it’s ready to go! It’s hard to believe we’ve been in beautiful India for an entire month now. This week we put the cap stone on our first course titled […]

Nine Months of Rain

This week our group was split into two halves for field visits to different parts of southern India to learn more about ‘Globalization and the Ethics of Development’, which is the theme of our second unit. I’m representing the half of our group that went to the coastal state of Kerala. We were in it’s […]

Eid Mubarak and greetings from India!

Eid Mubarak everyone, my name is Kirk Bjella and I go to Concordia College and it is my turn to relate to you what exactly we are up to over here in India. Eid Mubarak is the greeting that we used as a group on Monday to celebrate Eid (so yes I do realize that […]

Monsoon, Monsoon, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Hello all! This is Catherine Keith (a sophomore) writing on behalf of our group. This week was definitely packed. I don’t even know where to begin! On Sunday night, we left beautiful Visthar for the train station in Bangalore. We hopped onto an authentic Indian sleeper train and prepared for 10 hours of slumbering heaven–or […]

Week 2

This week we started each day with a yoga session with Dr. S.K.  He taught us stretches we did before each session and we also learned about the health benefits of breath (or energy) control, the yogic poses, and relaxation.  It all proved, for me, to be a great way to start out the day […]

Namaskara Everyone! (namaskara means hello! in Kannada)

Hello Friends and Family! This is Benjamin Batz writing on behalf of the Social Justice, Peace, and Development group this semester in BANGALORE, INDIA!!  It has been quite an incredible week.  We arrived at Visthar, the NGO that is hosting us and providing our course work, lots of fun and kindness.  I’m telling you, you […]