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These are study abroad programs that last the entire academic year

Winter break and Exam break!

Well. It certainly has been a while, Gustavus Blog. It’s time to start posting again! I sort of dropped off the face of the planet back there in November. Classes were ending and things were getting a bit hectic and I guess I can just say I sort of forgot. I don’t have much an […]

I thought I would get skinny in Europe

It’s a well-known fact: all people who study abroad in the U.S.A. ¬†gain twenty pounds and those who go to Europe lose about twenty pounds. It’s proven, trust me. Google it. Anyways, so I thought I would magically come to Europe and lose some weight. I have to walk everywhere, they don’t have fast food, […]

On Holidays

Ohh another late post… Sorry about that! This week has been pretty strange. I usually only have class in the morning until noon on Mondays and Wednesdays, but this Tuesday was a holiday so my afternoon open class was canceled. That must have messed me up, because I’m used to coming home late after kempo […]

Late post

What I thought was a relaxing week is actually the opposite, oops! Sorry. While homework in terms of busywork homework has lessened, two of my classes are actually busy with projects now. Two big end of the year group projects! The one for my observation class is actually pretty cool, considering we are doing an […]


Oops! I forgot to post yesterday. Sorry about that! Anyway, I went to Kyoto this weekend with the IES group as the last field trip for fall semester. Boo! It was fun though–unfortunately it was my fourth time in Kyoto and not the first seeing the sights that we did, so I didn’t take many […]


Sorry for the late post today. I arrived home from Tokyo yesterday evening. It was a lot of fun! I left on Friday with my friend from IES and we stayed in a nice hostel just outside of Akihabara–the electronics and nerdy district (famous for the maid cafes, maybe you’ve heard of them). We didn’t […]

Happy 400!

Every year, Nagoya has something called “Nagoya Matsuri”, which is essentially a festival celebrating the city. I really really lucked out coming this year, because 400 years ago in 1610 the city was essentially, well, founded (please pardon my English, it’s been getting worse (This is a good thing!)). If you’ve ever taken a Japanese […]


Hatachi is a very exciting thing for most Japanese. It means 20 years old, and 20 is the legal age over here. People who turn 20 this year also get a special ceremony in January called Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day. Girls usually get to wear very beautiful kimonos and stuff. Why […]

On Myself

I noticed that most of my posts have been about events. Today I thought for a long time of what to write and I thought hey, I should probably talk a bit about how I’m doing! I’m doing pretty well, actually. I’m not quite terribly homesick and my health has been doing pretty well. You […]

Fashion Sense

Well, as things are starting to slip into routine, not so many things are standing out now. I was a bit lost on what to post today but I noticed something interesting on the way home. As September draws to a close, fall is dawning upon us in this little island nation. This means that […]