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These are study abroad programs that last the entire academic year

All ends of the spectrum…

It’s only Tuesday and this week has been really great so far! Over the weekend, the other IES students and I went to Kanazawa, which is like a mini Kyoto in that it’s rather traditional. It was really great, because going there we had to cut through the island (Nagoya is located almost directly south […]


This past weekend our group went on an excursion to Novgorod. It was about a 3 hour bus ride one way, so, it wasn’t too long of a trip, but it was gloomy and sprinkled the whole time. And I loved it! Even though Novgorod is a small city (only 250,000 citizens compared to St. […]


Class has finally begin! It’s still all in the introduction phase since it hasn’t exactly been a week yet, but everything is so interesting so far. Aside from the intensive Japanese classes (which last about 2~3 hours a day, depending on the day) I’m taking four others– Japanese Culture and Art, Flower Arranging (or ikebana), […]

End of Orientation… part 2?

The Japanese sure love their orientations. I’ve been here for about 10 or 11 days now and it’s pretty much all been orientation. They are a very detail- and rule-oriented people, and I guess since that we’re foreigners they really want to make it sure that we get it right. Even if the power point […]

St. Petersburg!!!

Okay, so, I’ve been in St. Petersburg for about a week and a half and it has been amazing in so many ways (good, bad, unbelievable, etc.)! There are so many things that I have experienced in such a short amount of time. It actually feels like I’ve been here for a month and not […]

End of Orientation

So today was the last day of the three day orientation, and what a trip it has been. Flying out to Tokyo is a 14 hour plane ride from DC, and it was pretty bad. Afterwards, I had about 30 minutes to make my connecting flight to Nagoya, which included going through customs, collecting my […]


Ah, I’m not very good with titles. You’ll have to forgive me… Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet all of you! My name is Jasmine. I’m a sophomore here at Gustavus and I’ll be spending my year abroad in Japan attending Nanzan University with IES abroad. I’m leaving on Friday, but being the pro procrastinator […]

Russia Bound

The fact that I leave for Russia tomorrow is kind of surreal.  I’m in the process of packing and trying to remember everything that I’ll need.  I mean, it’s not necessarily easy to pack everything that I want/need for 9 months into 2 suitcases and a carry-on bag.  I guess I will just pack and […]

Tea Time!

Tea.  Or chai. Tanzanians love their tea time.  Everyday in the late morning a special time is reserved for tea break.  When tea time comes everyone stops what they are doing and faithfully observes the break.  The tea is always the same but very good.  The black tea is served with milk and so incredibly […]

Livestock on Parade

Today we start with the Mundane Yet Remarkable Thing number one.  This happens to be livestock.  A very mundanely remarkable thing.  What is so remarkable about livestock, you ask?  Well, first think about livestock in America.  What is most likely to come to mind is the classic black-and-white Bessy placidly chewing cud in a serene […]