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From the students in T/D 199: Arts & Performance in London, a j-term course in London.

A Less Than Ideal Performance

By Kenton Watson On Tuesday night, we all went to see a performance of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband at the Vaudeville Theatre. The Vaudeville is a West End theatre, and so the group had only a short ride on the tube to the Charing Cross stop, which is three stops away from our starting […]

Historic London Meets the Modern World at Borough Market

Consider Borough Market a feast for all senses. While the main draw is, naturally, the vast variety of food and drink, the sights and sounds of Londoners and tourists alike meandering the alleys and avenues of stalls is certainly something to behold. While not all smells are definitively pleasant, the alternating whiffs of cider, grilling […]

Men Should Weep: Scotland in London

By our third night in London, we were finally beginning to feel more comfortable with our surroundings. We were able to successfully navigate the new currency system, easily get from our flats to the underground or the grocery store, and smugly swipe our underground tube entrance cards without portraying the baffled and embarrassed look of […]

Resolution! 2010: Dancing Outside Traditional Boundaries in London

On a rainy night in London we attended our second viewing of Resolution! 2010 at The Place theatre. Since I have been dancing for many years, this particular performance was very exciting to me. I knew I’d be seeing the works of young professionals who were pushing the limits of dance. The Place is primarily […]

My Experience Watching Modern Dance in London

I have always enjoyed dance whether I am watching or performing it.  When I saw Tangled Feet Undercover, Naomi Cook’s VIVIDdreams, and Letizia Mazzeo’s Is The Grass Greener?  at “The Place”, I experienced a variety of emotions.  These emotions were brought on by not only the dancing, but the atmosphere and over all feel of […]

I can tell you Stories: Our guide at the National Gallery in London

The building that houses the National Gallery was an old official looking structure that seemed to say “We hold very important things within our walls.” It was situated by Trafalgar’s Square, a stone park with no greenery in it, but there were large statues and a fountain. In class, we had talked about how the […]

British Museum in London: A Giant Archive

The first time I stepped onto the grounds of the British Museum I was fascinated.  I felt so small and muted as I walked into the sea of white marble in the main lobby.  The overwhelming Pantheon-like building towered over everyone as they walked through the large marble pillars.  The museum was first founded 250 […]

Dance in London: Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2010 Performance Locale: Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London Production: Swan Lake Our journey began in the lobby of the Janet Poole House where our rooms are located and ended in the lobby of Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Upon entrance to the theatre, a sea of fellow audience members, a ticket box office, flights […]

From London: Stanislavski and Brecht in Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters at the Lyric Hammersmith

Upon entering the glass sliding doors of the Lyric Hammersmith theatre lobby, I am immediately greeted by a giant white wall covered in colored writing.  This colored writing contains quotes and reviews gathered from various anonymous theatre goers over the years.  One quote in particular sticks out.   Now, whether it be fate or luck, this […]

Behind the Scenes at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

The Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, London is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design.  The Museum is located in what is termed London’s “Albertopolis”, an area of great cultural, scientific, and educational importance.  Some of the neighboring institutions are the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.  The official opening […]