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The Medival Rothenburg

Today we left the wonderful city of Berlin and headed for the historical town of Rothenburg. On the way we stopped in Nürnberg for lunch and hung around there for a couple of hours. We climbed to the top of the town to the fortress and got to see all of Nürnberg. It was a […]


After leaving Berlin this morning in a tiny bus, we have arrived in the medieval city of Rothenburg. As we were entering the city, you could see the wall surrounding the city by our hotel. We ate a traditional South German dinner with a pork meatloaf and potatoes, along with a dumpling soup and salad. […]

Last Day in Berlin

Yesterday was our final day in Berlin and we all got to choose what we wanted to do. Annika, Kirsten and I ventured over to the Berlin Zoo. It was awesome. They pretty much had every exotic animal you could think of, from elephants to polar bears and many species from various countries. Another group […]

Free Day in Berlin

Yesterday was our final full day in Berlin. Some groups visited the Potsdam Palace, while others went shopping at KaDeWe. Others went to the Berlin Zoo. The zoo was located in the heart of Berlin and was much bigger than either of the zoos in Minnesota. There were two major differences I noticed: the fences […]

Appreciating Today: A Look Back

From political prisons to knights in shining armor, today was quite a program for the Gusties in Berlin. After a hearty breakfast and short walk to the U-Bahn (subway), we hopped on the U2 train to Alexanderplatz. Our first destination for the day was Hohenschönhausen, a secluded prison on the outskirts of Berlin that once […]

Venturing through the streets of Berlin

Our time here in Germany keeps disappearing faster and faster each day. It is hard to believe that we only have about a week left in Europe. Oh how the time flys by when you are having fun! Today we had loads of fun throughout all different eras of German History. Two places that I […]

Diversity in Berlin

Today was all about different cultures and divesity within Berlin. We started off the day be visiting the FHXB Museum where we learned about section of Berlin called Kreuzberg. Within the museum, we walked around on a map of the area and discussed the many different reasons a person might immigrate, both positive and negative. […]

Islam in Germany

Today we learned that Germany and the United States have silimar political issues. Namely- immigration/migration. This morning we visited the FHXB museum in Kreuzberg. We watched a video and had a tour around the Kreuzberg area. Our tour guide was a third generation Turkish Muslim migrant. Many people from Turkey migrated to Germany to be […]

A Happy Coincidence

Maybe it was a happy coincidence, maybe it was fate, maybe it was maybelline; all I know is that something in the stars said that we should visit the German goverment building the day after President Obama makes his State of the Union address. While this didn’t impact our visitation rights, it cast a new […]

Visiting the Reichstag

Today we visited the home of the German Parliament, the Reichstag. At first glance the building looks very old but because of the turmoil in the area the building has been renovated and changed quite often although it still keeps some of the older design styles. The building also has contributions from many different artists […]