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Exploring Diversity One Room at a Time

Today we had the great privilege to visit the good people of the Jugend Museum and experience their exhibition titled “Villa Global.”  The exhibit gave us the chance to explore 14 different bedrooms designed by real Berlin immigrants and their children that originated everywhere from Iran to Rwanda.  Each room had a personal touch that […]

Berlin Wall Memorial

Today we visited the memorial for the Berlin Wall at Bernauer Strasse, this was an incredible experience to see whole sections of the entire wall still intact. Most people think that the Berlin wall was just a single wall made out of concrete, however the wall was actually two walls with a large area in […]

Welcome to Berlin

Our first day in Berlin started early with a trip to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächnis Kirche. This church was built in the 1890s but was badly damaged during World War II. The main spire is still damaged, but the rest of the building has been restored and used as a museum space. The second photo is the […]

An Introduction to Berlin

This morning began with an orientation to the public transportation of Berlin, specifically the subway or the U-bahn. After a short explanation from Pat and a longer subway trip, we found ourselves at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. This church was nearly completely destroyed in the bombings of Berlin during the later stages of World […]

Even Short Stays Create Sad Goodbyes

Normally, you would not expect for a weeklong stay at a stranger’s house to cause a group of 19-22 year olds grief and pains of sadness upon departure. However, this was the case for us 16 Gustavus students who left Großefehn, Ostfriesland, Germany this morning at 10:45am. Before hopping on the bus to head towards Berlin, […]

From Ostfriesland to Berlin

Today we had to say goodbye to all of our new friends in Ostfriesland. At breakfast Kendyl and I had our last cups of Ostfresian tea, then we lugged our bags downstairs and  headed to Strieks Haus to meet up with everyone else. When we arrived Jim offered to take our picture with our wonderful […]

Traveling to the Island

Today we took a ferry out to the island of Langeoog. It was a fairly cold day and once we got off the ferry we quickly got on the train that is a one way and one way back so we had to make sure that we did not miss it. It was very interesting […]

Clear Skies All Day

Throughout our week spent in Ostfriesland,we have been noticing a similar pattern in the weather….rain. Although every day so far has had its fair share of rain, today we had a pleasant surprise, blue skies! Along with this surprise came a fun filled day of windmills, traditions, and a brewery. We started our day by […]

The Power of Wind

Today, we were able to visit a traditional windmill. One of the only mills still in production of flour in Osfriesland. This mill was built in the mid 1800’s and is still in working order which we all found pretty impressive. After that, we were able to visit one of the many modern wind turbines […]

School in Grossefehn

Today our group had the opportunity to visit one of the schools in Grossefehn that houses the grades 5-10. Upon arrival one could tell that we were expected guests as we drew much attention from the students. We were greeted by Ellen, one of the English teachers at the school who directed us over most […]