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German School Visit

Today We spent the entire morning in a German high school that had children from fifth to tenth grade.  Harley, Dane, Dan and I arrived half an hour early so we got to hang out with the students before school began.  What that entailed was kids just staring at us for twenty minutes.  If that […]

“We’re sort of rockstars here”

16 GUEST STUDENTS VISIT THE COMMUNITY Here, is a picture of Gustavus students with Mayor Olaf and their instructors in Fehntjer Mansion, Ostfrieslend. January 13, 2015    

Enjoying Emden and the Leaning Tower of Suurhusen

Today we had the opportunity to experience the architecture and history of the beautiful port city of Emden.  We arrived with dry jackets and the smiling sun on our backs for the first time during our stay here in Ostfriesland.  We set off to explore the town and quickly found ourselves in an old church […]

Volkswagon Central

Today, January 14th, we got the chance to visit the beautiful city of Emden. This city is host to a Volkswagon factory in which the popular Passat is manufactured. The entire process is pretty interesting. First we got to see the sophisticated robotics that weld and mend what becomes the chassi. We then followed the […]

Germany to America to Russia?

This day began well, as does each day when a wonderful host family prepares breakfast for you. The weather in Ostfriesland was a bit windy with a rain that lasted through out most all of the day. I asked a local what they do in Ostfriesland when it rains and the answer was, they just […]

Ostfriesland January 13

The day for Harley and I began with yet again a delicious breakfast made my Maike.  Everything was delicious as always.  Right away we went to some little parts of the area that were supposed to be Rsland und Amerika but that we were able to do was run out of the bus quick for […]

Ostfriesland January 12th

We started out the day having breakfast at our host families houses. At my house we had a typical German breakfast consisting of bread, cheese, meat, fruit, and vegetables. I could get used to these non-typical American breakfasts because they are very good. After breakfast we headed towards Großefehn where we met up with the rest of […]

Our First Full Day in Grossefehn

Today, January 12th, we got a chance to experience Grossefehn, and Northern Germany. As a group we were able to tour a German dairy farm which was very interesting because while some of us are from rural areas, many of us are not. We then went to a local museum and learned about how people […]

Ostfriesland Day 1

We started out the day getting breakfast at the hotel before the charter bus came to pick us up to depart to Bremerhaven/Ostfriesland. Once we arrived in Bremerhaven, we went into the Auswandererhaus or emigrant museum. This place was very interesting because it helped us understand what it would be like to be an emigrant […]


January 11, 2015 was the last morning that our group spent in the city of Bremen. The group ate breakfast in the hotel before we departed on a chater bus at roughly 8:30 a.m. We road the bus to the city of Bremerhaven and drove through it’s international port for car exporting. Then we made […]