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Alyson Skoglund: Final Essays and Photos

Spirit of Ireland Essay Over the churning Atlantic Ocean, the clouds gather and build up strength.  Pulling the ocean with them, they charge recklessly towards their target, a tiny island off the coast of Europe.  With a final surge they assault Ireland with winds and rain, beating and lashing at everything in its path.  Darkness […]

Jessica Martin – Final Portfolio

Personal Narrative: Creative Ireland                   Ireland is much more than a rainy country composed of endless farmland and pubs filled with unquenchable thirst. This stretch of natural beauty provides the perfect atmosphere for one’s talent and creativity to flow freely like the river Shannon. While roaming through Galway City I notice each little storefront’s unique […]

Morgan Cronin’s Final Portfolio

The Spirit of Ireland The rough, gray stones form long, winding fences that weave their way across the hills, having been set firmly in place by people long past. Soft, green moss grows in the cracks, crevices, and corners where the stones meet and along the bumpy edges. The moss continues to grow up several, […]

Lauren Schiltz- Final Portfolio

Spirit of Ireland Essay: Ghosts Leprechauns, beards, and redheads. Guinness, drinking men, and bar fights. Rain, clovers, and everything green. These are just some of the stereotypes that were on my mind upon entering Ireland. Just like anywhere else, some of these are true and some are terribly wrong. Ireland is notorious for being picturesque […]

Allisse Rouleau – Creative Writing Assignments

Personal Narrative We are at Greene’s bar in the heart of Ballyvaughan, and our faces are glowing by the light of the coals in the fireplace we’re surrounding for warmth. I order a Jameson and ginger at the bar for six euros, and sit at a table with friends I know, and friends I haven’t […]

Crossing Country; Ending the trip in Dublin

On this, our last morning in Ballyvaughan, my cottage mates and I pack up our suitcases in preparation for our last few days in Ireland. “What a sad day!?” says my roommate, Leah, as both of us are collecting our belongings. “I don’t want to leave!” We eat whatever food is left in the fridge, […]

A Bittersweet Last Night in Ballyvaughan

Sadly, today was our last day in the wonderful small village of Ballyvaughan.  We spent the day at the college scrambling to finish our photo and creative writing projects.  Each of us met with Priscilla and Baker to gather some constructive criticism in order to perfect our projects by the end of the trip.  We […]

Last weekend in Ireland

This weekend was our last weekend in Ireland, so we had to make it count! On Saturday my cottage mates and I celebrated Lacie’s bachelorette party. We surprised her with chocolate fondue and whine. After watching the movie “Bridesmaids,” we started our Pub Crawl through Ballyvaughn. We first went to Logue’s Lodge, then to Greene’s […]

A Small Field Trip, and a Night of Cards

Today (Friday the 24th) was our last day talking about our readings in class.  We discussed four short stories from James Joyce’s Dubliners and how the stories depicted the sad reality of the typical person living in Ireland at the time; and for that reason it took him a long time to get this book […]

A Quiet Day in the Burren

We are halfway through our third week in Ireland, and we cannot believe how the time has flown! Morgan, Aly, and I had planned to walk to the college today, but when we saw the dark clouds warning of rain this morning, we decided we would wait for Robert and the van. No longer than […]