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A Fun, Jam-Packed Day Three in Paris!

Hello Olympic Quest followers! Today, we were given the chance to sleep in!  With a tour at the Stade de France (the Olympic Soccer Stadium) scheduled for 11:45 am, we did not have to leave the hotel until 10 am.  Compared to past days, today we were allowed to catch up on much needed sleep! Knowing […]

Why is The Thinker thinking and the Mona Lisa smiling?

Bonjour! Today we began our first full day of adventures in Paris and what a full day we had! We hit the bus and visited the Dome de Invalides where Napoleon was to be buried, but unfortunately was not. Next, we departed for the Louvre, the home of the Mona Lisa. On our way, we […]

Arrival to Paris

The Gusties got up and early for the third day in a row to make their way to Paris, France. The group was able to keep up high spirits for the arrival even after some required patience figuring out the Airfrance baggage check situation. There was some miscommunication with the airline about whether a free checked […]

From Wittenberg to Nuremberg

To start off our morning in Wittenberg, we decided to lace up our tennis shoes and use them for something other than just walking tours. After waking up a minute before we were to leave the hotel the first morning, and not sleeping at all the second night, going for a run seemed to be […]

Journey to Wittenberg!

Guten tag! Ben Bonser and Steve Eiden here coming at you from Wittenberg, Germany!! Today began with another delicious breakfast at our hotel in Berlin. Soon after, we departed for Checkpoint Charlie and its museum. Inside, it was deceptively large in comparison to its seemingly small exterior. It was filled incredible artifacts including devices and […]

Exploring the Wonders of Berlin

Our second and final day in Berlin was filled with marvelous tours, sight seeing, and history. To start off our morning we took the subway, which was an experience of its own, to the 1936 Nazi Olympic Games Stadium.  The stadium was filled with breathtaking views and historical memorabilia and was also a dream come […]

Our First Day in Berlin

Well, we finally made it!  Other than being very very tired from the travel and the time change, we had a great day.  When we arrived in Berlin at about 5 p.m. their time we boarded a bus to get to our hotel.  It is the Mercure hotel in Berlin and is a super nice […]

Willkommen in Deutschland

Hello everyone!  We have arrived in Germany.  Not our final destination yet, but close.  We arrived at the Munich airport at 12:30pm local time (5:30am central) and are waiting for our final leg – Munich to Berlin at 3:30pm (8:30am central).  It has been a long day and isn’t even close to be over but […]

Why Sports?

Today we wrap up phase one of this experience.  Class on campus will end today at 12:20 with the final information on packing, the airport, and our travel.  At that time, we will conclude what has been an amazing week of learning, listening, exploring, and getting to know one another.  I know I feel more […]

French Cuisine with Erica!

Hello all!! We had such a great night at the co-op tonight, learning how to cook French cuisine with Erica! Erica started to enjoy cooking at the age of eight years old. She joined a 4H club when she was young and even lead cooking classes while in the program. She was exceedingly knowledgeable about […]