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Museum Etiquette

Today we visited the Hillstrom Museum located in the lower level of Jackson Campus Center. After a brief self guided tour of the Fluid Chromatics: Epoxy Paintings by Patrick Blaine exhibit, we were first educated of the history and facts of the museum by Don Myers, Director and Senior Curator. We were informed that the […]

Harry Potter Trivia and Private Games by James Patterson

Today we played an intense game of Harry Potter Trivia to prepare ourselves for Harry Potter World in London. The trivia tested our knowledge of Diagon Alley, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Quidditch, and spells. Over winter break we were assigned to read Private Games by James Patterson, a crime novel based on the London […]

Our Presentation by Dr. Bruce Johnson

This morning Dr. Bruce Johnson came in and talked about Winston Churchill, the Blitz, and post-WWII London.  He started by talking about the many biographies that have been written on Winston Churchill.  The biographies are numerous and about 100 new books come out about him each year.  Churchill was the Prime Minister of Great Britain […]

01/06/2015: Brewing with Gustavus Cantor Dr. Chad Winterfeldt

As a class activity today, Chad Winterfeldt was kind enough to teach us a bit about traditional German, English, and Irish beer brewing. It was definitely a great experience to see firsthand how beer is made, and it was even better to be able to connect these beers to a few of the countries we […]

Paris and French Culture

Dr. Laurent Dechery came into our class and talked about French culture. We learned about the major events that helped shape the history of Paris. He mentioned many places of interest such as the Louvre, Notre Dame, and Place des Vosges. Along with the history, Dr. Dechery talked about the different layouts of cities between the US […]

T minus five days until departure!!

To start off our Tuesday morning, we had an informational lecture on the Modern Olympic Games.  We learned about the Olympic Movement, and how the Olympics are about more than just sport alone.  They work to link sport with culture and education, to promote the practice of sport and the joy found in giving effort, […]

Blog Update 3: Scavenger Hunt and Europa

We began this afternoon following lunch with some physical activity in the form of a digital scavenger hunt that was meant to take us around the Gustavus Campus and Saint Peter in a facsimile of how we are supposed to behave in other countries. We experienced searching for Art and Historic monuments around campus, asking […]

Bringing in the New Year

Sunday, January 4th was our first day back on campus as a group. We were all excited to be together for our week of class and for the week leading up to our departure. Professor Banks started us off with a Polka dance called the German Clap Song. Polka originated in Bohemia, a part of […]

First Day of Class – Jan. 4, 2015

The Olympic Quest class met on Sunday night (January 4th 2015). During class we watched a documentary about the amazing track star Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens competed in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany winning four gold medals. Owens represented courage and sportsmanship that inspired many athletes after his incredible performance. Jesse Owens also resembled […]

Dr. Kranking’s Presentation on Nazi Germany and the Berlin Wall!

Today in class, we explored Germany’s rise and fall during the twentieth century. Germany’s modern history is deeply rooted with the rising leadership of Adolf Hitler. Thanks to Gustavus’s very own Dr. Kranking, we learned about Germany’s troubled past and its role in the creation of the Nazi movement. After Germany’s defeat in the Great […]