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Mwagusi Safari Camp!

On Tuesday this week we departed from Tungamelenga and headed to Ruaha National Park for a two day stay. It was a bumpy ride there, but it was so worth it driving through yet another beautiful part of this country. Our bus driver Peter, was nice enough to stop so we could begin to see […]

Preaching points and Masaii village visits.

      Driving through the village streets of Tungamelenga it was not uncommon to see people in traditional Masaii garb and the next in a mixture of western attire with a Tanzanian flair. The mixture of holding tight to bush culture and the yearning for urbanization worked seamlessly together. Yet the preconceptions we held […]

Arrived in Iringa!

Picture from Liz Olson upon arrival in Iringa!    

Traveling from the State of Hockey to the current city of the President

Yesterday was one filled with excitement, pressure changes, nervousness, and accusations. I think you can guess why it was filled with excitement, pressure changes, and neverousness–we flew on a plane–but accusations? What? Our group now figured out why getting to the airport three hours before a flight is important. First off, our group wasn’t set up […]

One Short Day

Today was a day of some relaxation mixed with collecting last minute packing items for Tanzania. There is so much that one doesn’t think of when packing to go most anywhere else! As a group we have been to Target thrice, Barnes and Noble, REI, and Best Buy. Chipotle tied our hunger up for those […]

Greetings from Tanzania, Africa!

Hello all! I am sitting in an air conditioned internet cafe in Iringa, Tanzania. It is still maybe aroud 80 degress in here, but it feels nice. The last time somebody from our group blogged, we were about to embark on our journey to the small village of Tungamalenga, which is only around 70 kilometers […]


After a twelve hour bus ride we arrived at the Lutheran Center in Iringa late at night. The next morning we had breakfast and went to the market for a few hours. In the afternoon we visited an orphanage with about thirty-five children. We played, sang, and gave them gifts before we made our way […]

Day 2 Moshi

Welcome from day 2 of Moshi.  We started the day off visiting Amani Orphanage in Moshi.  The American director greeted us and gave us a tour of the place.  There were about 84 kids, 80 boys and 4 girls.  We brought in a bunch of toys for them to play with.  We played with the […]

Pre-trip Seminar

Greetings to all from Farmington, MN! We are currently at Mount Olivet Retreat Center getting to know each other and finishing up our pre-trip activities.  The past two days have been filled with presentations, speakers, and lots of singing.  The students gave informative presentations on various Tanzanian-related topics.  We heard from Dr. Mbele, a professor […]