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The first 10 days

Our first 10 days here in Penang, Malaysia have been a whirlwind. From the food to the heat to the languages to the city, we have all had so many new experiences and already have some great stories. During orientation at the Hyatt Place in Minneapolis, we took a field trip to the Midtown Global […]

What a Difference One Week Makes

  From one Saturday to the next, it seems impossible to believe how different things can be. On Saturday, February 8, we gathered at the Hyatt Place hotel in Bloomington and, after a few hours of orientation, went as a group to Red Lobster for dinner. The outdoor temperature was below zero as we rushed […]

Chinese New Year Preparations

Chinese New Year celebration is just around the corner in Malaysia and anywhere in the world where Chinese people live. Anywhere one turns there are signs declaring¬† Gong Xi Fa Chai (“wishes for a happy, prosperous new year”).¬† Inside homes New Year preparations are taking precedence over most everything else.¬† Lots of shopping takes place– […]

Greens and Reds: A Long Day’s Journey to One Night’s Sleep

The plane trip to/from Malaysia is always long – too long to be easy. After many such trips over the years, I have come up with two rules for minimizing the jet lag of crossing ten time zones at once. The first is, sleep as much as you can on the flight(s). The second is, […]

Heading to Malaysia – One Year Ahead

Shirley and Steve Mellema and David Obermiller are heading to Malaysia this month to make further preparations for our Spring 2014 Semester in Malaysia program. We’ll visit Kuala Lumpur and Penang and visit with colleagues at Universiti Sains Malaysia to discuss the upcoming courses. We’ll try to post some sights and sounds of the country, […]