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Islam in Germany

Today we learned that Germany and the United States have silimar political issues. Namely- immigration/migration. This morning we visited the FHXB museum in Kreuzberg. We watched a video and had a tour around the Kreuzberg area. Our tour guide was a third generation Turkish Muslim migrant. Many people from Turkey migrated to Germany to be […]

Umeå, the fist of many adventures!

Hej! My name is Becca Awe. I am a sophomore Financial Economics and Scandinavian Studies double major. I am from Durango, Colorado. I am on the semester in Sweden program because I think studying abroad is an integral part of a college education, I love the uniqueness of the program, and I thought it would […]

Berlin Wall Memorial

Today we visited the memorial for the Berlin Wall at Bernauer Strasse, this was an incredible experience to see whole sections of the entire wall still intact. Most people think that the Berlin wall was just a single wall made out of concrete, however the wall was actually two walls with a large area in […]

Adventures in Iringa with Hannah and Abby!

Hello! Hannah Olson and Abby Simms here from Iringa, Tanzania     We arrived at night on Tuesday night after a long 13 hour bus ride. We drove through Mukina National Reserve and saw herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras, water buffalo, impala, baboon, and wilda beast! We screamed like a bunch of little girls when […]

Volkswagon Central

Today, January 14th, we got the chance to visit the beautiful city of Emden. This city is host to a Volkswagon factory in which the popular Passat is manufactured. The entire process is pretty interesting. First we got to see the sophisticated robotics that weld and mend what becomes the chassi. We then followed the […]

Moshi By: Megan Spear

Hello from Tanzania! Today (January 12th) we visited the Kilimanjaro Christian medical center in Moshi. We sang our favorite Tanzanian songs to patients, and the nurses took us to visit almost every ward. One of the coolest parts was when patients and visitors would sing and dance along with us! It showed us how much […]

First Day of Class – Jan. 4, 2015

The Olympic Quest class met on Sunday night (January 4th 2015). During class we watched a documentary about the amazing track star Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens competed in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany winning four gold medals. Owens represented courage and sportsmanship that inspired many athletes after his incredible performance. Jesse Owens also resembled […]

Visit to the Gandhi Ashram

Yesterday evening we were invited to meet Dr. Anwar Fazal, a lifelong teacher and social activist from Penang. We met at the Gandhi Ashram, dedicated to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, and were greeted with a fresh coconut each as a welcoming refreshment. After a discussion and a walk in the beautiful Penang […]

Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island

This is one of the trips I was most excited about before even arriving in Malaysia, and it did not disappoint! When we first arrived at the park in Bukit Merah we had to wait for a bit until a boat left to take us to a nearby island where the Orang Utans were located. […]

Waterfall Hindu Temple

Our destination: 513 steps away Have you ever eaten rice with your hands? As a child, I would have been scolded at the dinner table had I started shoving rice into my mouth. At the Waterfall Hindu Temple, we were served a delicious Indian meal, without silverware. But before we dived into this great meal, […]