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Good evening everyone! This post is going to be quick because I have to go to bed soon :)

All last week and this week has been tests, tests, tests. It’s time for midterms and I’ve had a test every day so far since last Monday (with two more the next two days). It’s been a really busy time but I’m hanging in there!

Last weekend the IES group went up to an old city called Takayama in the Gifu Prefecture, one prefecture north of where Nagoya is located (in Aichi). It’s up in the mountains–Takayama literally means Tall Mountain–and it was actually very cold. While we were there though we got to make food samples. Not edible ones, no. If you ever visit Japan you see that more often than not, in restaurant windows there will be food samples of what the store sells, usually along with the name of the dish and the price. People who see them for the first time usually are surprised to learn that it’s not actually edible! It looks so real. I made 3 pieces of tempura.

Starting on Friday this week we have break until Wednesday! I wouldn’t call it fall break, since class is technically canceled for the University Festival. It’s a pretty big deal it seems. Me and a friend are heading out to Tokyo for a few days for the weekend. Then the following weekend after, the whole IES group is headed out again for Kyoto. This is a lot of moving around, but it will be fun!


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