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We have been in Costa Rica for over a week now and have gotten to do some amazing things. Not only did we go to a national soccer game (which was an event to support child cancer), travel around the central valley of Costa Rica (where its capital, San Jose, is located), and saw a […]

First day at the beach!

Today we finally made our way through the mountains to the Pacific side of Costa Rica to go to the beach called Jaco.  On our way to the beach we stopped to walk across a bridge and we saw tons of ALLIGATORS!  They were just sun-bathing on the beach and hanging out in the water. […]


The expression pura vida, literally meaning pure life, is the favorite of both Costa Rican and foreigners alike. It is used as a greeting, good bye, the equivalent of OK, or just a one size fits-all expression. Our group, fortunatelly, is in pura vida mood ninety nine percent of the time. Our daily routine starts […]

Our temporary home in Costa Rica

We are now pretty settled in the heart of Costa Rica.  The town is Carrillos de Poas, a village of about 5,ooo people nestled among the hills of the Central Valley.  Unlike most villages and towns in Mexico and other Latin American countries that are built around a plaza anchored by a colonial styled church, Carrillos consists […]