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We’ve come to the end

Hello to all of the friends and family members following along with this blog. As I type, the group is checking into their flight at the Dublin airport.  This morning started (or last evening continued for some/most….) at 2:15am with the hotel wake up call. So be prepared, your students will be EXHAUSTED when you […]

The Last Day!! :(

Today was the last day of visiting the beautiful Dublin, Ireland. Today was set to be our day to venture and explore the great city of Dublin. The day started after a most needed night sleep after the early start to the day before. The complimentary breakfast at our Best Western Hotel was a traditional […]

Welcome to Ireland !

This morning we got an early start to the day by checking out of our hotel at 4:15 am. Once we got to the airport we went through security and eventually boarded the plane and we were all ready to be on our way to Ireland! Unfortunately, we experienced a delay due to a couple […]

First Free day in London

Today was our first full free day in London to go out and explore the city. Many groups of students bought tickets to see the Tottenham Spurs vs. Leicester City soccer game. It was a great experience to see how Europeans watch soccer because soccer fans are very different than any other fans that you […]

London’s British Museum

Greetings from London! Today was a great day in this fine city! We started off our morning at the British museum, to which we traveled by the Tube! We did not have to pay to get into the museum, and this is something that is quite common in the United Kingdom, for all things intellectual […]

Churchill war rooms and Hogwarts

Today started out like any other with breakfast at the hotel. We left at about 9:30 and walked to the Churchill War Rooms, also known as the Cabinet War Rooms. The underground m useum was the secret bunker used for the everyday work of the British government, let by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, during the […]

Wednesday January 21st: 1st full day in London!

After spending our first night at the Days inn Waterloo we began our 12th day abroad on Olympic Quest. Today was also special because it was Mary’s birthday as well and including some morning serenading on the bus! We began the day by continuing our bus tour from yesterday and got to see many interesting […]

London, England: home of telephone booths, Big Ben, and Harry Potter

Our day began early this morning by checking out of our hotel in Paris and heading to the train station to begin our trek to London, England! Before we boarded the EuroStar we had a heartfelt goodbye with our two phenomenal tour guides. Due to a recent fire in the Chunnel our train ended up […]

Last day in Paris

Today was our last full day in Paris. It was another full day on the move. We left the hotel at 9:00AM, to a vineyard. One the way to the vineyard we had our first class on the Englsih culutre. Nusla and Annika had us singing and chanting some popluar fight songs for the soccer […]

Normandy, France “Our D-day Adventure”

Today was an incredible adventure to the Normandy region of France. The region now famous for the infamous D-day invasion on June 6th, 1944. Where a coalition of English, American, and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of Normandy with the attempt to drive the Nazi regime out of France and begin the grueling task of ending […]