we Safely Arrived in Cusco!

Posted on January 22nd, 2012 by

We left the parish in Chimbote yesterday about 10 am, waited a long time at the bus terminal and finally were on the way to Lima by around 11. The bus is very nice-we had lunch, restrooms (a little smelly by the end of the trip but very adequate) and movies. We anticipated being in Lima by about 5 pm but we were delayed enroute by a fire burning near the road. We were in no danger but the smoke was crossing the road and all traffic was stopped for what we thought would be 5 minutes but ended up being 2 hours. It was a field of some type of crop that burned. We finally got under way again and had an uneventful trip to Lima. It was frustrating to be in the bus so long but we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean as we entered Lima. Finally got to the hotel about 9 pm and were starving so grabbed as many pizzas as we could get at the neighborhood pizza place and went to bed fairly quickly after dinner. Today we left the hotel at 530 AM so we could catch the early flight to Cusco. It frequently rains later in the day in Cusco and pilots cant land in the rain so we were happy to get out early. We went from sea level to 11,000 feet and some of us are experiencing mild altitude adjustments of headache and mild dizziness/vertigo (hard to explain but I feel like I just got off an amusement park ride). We are leaving shortly for a tour of the city of Cusco and tonight we will attend a dinner and traditional dance. Tomorrow we leave at 530 again to take the train for four hours to Macchu Piccu-glad we arent hiking. It takes four days of hiking to get there.


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