Finally Made It!

Posted on January 24th, 2012 by

Yesterday, we finally experienced Machu  Picchu, a place many only dream of going.  From Cusco, we first took a two hour bus ride through the Andes which was a little bumpy to say the least.  The redeeming factor was the stunning scenery.  Next we hopped on a train following the Vilcanota otherwise known as the Urubamba river.  We passed the spot where the train tracks had gotten washed away in the flooding two years ago, but no worries, the river is within its banks and allowing for safe travel.  After another bus ride up the switchback mountain trail we arrived at the base of Machu Picchu; the ruins were exquisite!

Machu Picchu is indescrible, but here goes.  The ruins are named Machu Picchu after the mountain they are in and the true name will forever remain an Incan mystery.  There are eighteen different stone construction styles and sixteen different fountains or water features.  We toured the royal family’s house, saw the sun dial and pretended to touch a sacred rock that is said to give good luck or energies (but it was forbidden to physically touch).  We took an endless amount of pictures, but they were unable to capture the vastness of the magic of Machu Picchu.

We finished our day off with a little shopping and a group dinner.  We’re having an amazing time and cannot believe that our trip is almost over.  We know our departure will be bittersweet because we’ll miss Peru, but are excited to see our loved ones!

Hayley and Caroline


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