Classical Art’s Influence on the Renaissance

Posted on January 13th, 2013 by

Yesterday began with a discussion led by students, Maggie, Meredith, and Nicole. They discussed classical art and architecture that influenced the Renaissance period.
Students were led in several thought provoking questions that encouraged discussion in the group as a whole. We started with individual journal entries on our prior knowledge in relation to classical art. Then, they dug further and discussed what examples students could recall of this art from renaissance and baroque art. We then drew examples of this architecture and art in our individual journals.

The students had a lunch break and were able to navigate their way around Florence on their own and were encouraged to engage in conversation with store clerks to purchase their food. Some students purchased gelato, others pizza, while some grabbed a quick panini.

Next, students walked to the Palazzo Vecchio, either on their own if they chose or with the group led by Betsy and Matt. Once the students reached the Palazzo Vecchio, the sun was coming out while they met their guide from the previous day, Simoné. Simoné guided the group in viewing the gorgeous gold and wood covered ceilings covered with frescoes. Each room they entered was a new adventure and beautiful experience.

Later In the afternoon, students walked to the Duomo to view the architecture of the Santa Maria del Fiore and Vasari’s wall frescoes. Students had the opportunity to climb 469 stairs to the top of the Duomo and have a wonderful view of Florence. Students were free for rest of the afternoon to shop and explore Florence.

Streets of Florence.


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