Churchill war rooms and Hogwarts

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Model of Hogwarts

Today started out like any other with breakfast at the hotel. We left at about 9:30 and walked to the Churchill War Rooms, also known as the Cabinet War Rooms. The underground m

Mal doing a handstand on the Warner brothers logo

Mal doing a handstand on the Warner brothers logo

useum was the secret bunker used for the everyday work of the British government, let by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, during the Blitz of World War II. We walked through the hallways of the war rooms and peered inside to the rooms arranged closely, if not exactly, to how they were utilized. These rooms inimagecluded the War Cabinet Room, Churchill’s Bedroom, the Map Room, Transatlantic Telephone Room, BBC Broadcasting Room, Parliament Members’ Bedrooms, conference rooms, and more. Also among the tour was the Churchill Museum. This portion of the tour interactively led us through the history of World War II, Churchill, and surrounding information and histories.
Our time at the museum included lunch on our own where many of us wandered outside the museum to the streets of London. Nearby was The Royal Cavalry Museum where some of us saw the changing of the horse guards on our way to finding lunch. At noon, we gathered outside Churchill War Rooms to meet the bus and our driver, Linden. For our next adventure of the day, after an hour long bus ride, we finally arrive at the Harry Potter studios! With many HP fans in tow, this was a very exciting and somewhat emotional day. It was a really big deal because this was the studio that all the Harry Potter movies were filmed at and where many more productions are currently in progress. We entered a small room that showed small electronic screens that flashed pictures from all the movies. We then proceeded to watch an introductory movie that was made by the main characters of Harry Potter; Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. We then got to enter the main gates of Hogwarts into the infamous dinning hall. Our three hour long tour was filled with many well known relics from the Harry Potter films and books. We got to see many of the behind the scenes looks and got up close and personal with many of the props and costumes worn by the cast. We got to walk around the studio where they had all the props, sets, and costumes on display. And for the grand finale, they had the actual hogwarts castle for everyone to see, and despite popular belief, it’s not actually a real castle, it’s just a model. After the tour many members of the class bought t shirts, keychains, wands, and other merchandise at the amazing store. After we were finished, we headed back to the hotel where a few of our classmates went to musical shows while the rest of us attended dinner at local pub.


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