First Free day in London

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image image image image image imageToday was our first full free day in London to go out and explore the city. Many groups of students bought tickets to see the Tottenham Spurs vs. Leicester City soccer game. It was a great experience to see how Europeans watch soccer because soccer fans are very different than any other fans that you will ever find in America. We all bought Spurs spirit wear together such as jerseys, hats, and the traditional soccer scarves. Similar to America sport events there was hot dog and burger stands all around the stadium. And unlike American sports they don’t allow beer inside the arena, they sell it at the concession stands but you have to drink it in the hallway before you go to your seat. When we asked why you can’t bring beer into the stadium they said that soccer fans in the past have used the bottles to start fights with the opposing team and have caused serious injury so the bottles are now plastic and are not allowed inside the arena. We learned that soccer fans are very passionate about their sport. They sing songs throughout the game and for the Spurs that included “come on you Spurs” and “when the Spurs come marching in” however the Spurs are known for being more relaxed and toned down when it comes to chants. The opposing side however was not the same they filled up one section in the stands and you could hear them all across the arena as well as see their section jump up and down and making noise from the other side of the arena. During intermimssion some of us got some chips from the concession stand and one of the Spurs fans said that we should hide the chips because that brand sponsors the other team and you might get some dirty looks from some Spurs fans. Which was what made us realize how hardcore these fans really are. The Spurs lost 2-1 against Leicester and the Leicester fans were very verbal about it outside the arena after the game. They were chanting and swearing and proving how hardcore they are when it comes to supporting their team. It was an interesting thing to experince but the game and the atmosphere itself was worth the trip and a very fun memory that we can take back from our trip to London.
While some were away at the soccer game today, the rest of the group spent the day exploring London. Buckingham palace was a highlight for some as they visited the home of the monarchy. Other activities of the day including visiting the iconic Abbey Road. Some may not know that Abbey Road is an actual functioning road, so it can be quite tricky to imitate the Beatles signature pose. As a result, photos happened to include cars and other pedestrians who use Abbey Road for it’s intended purpose. Another group took on a different aspect of pop culture and went over to Notting Hill where Julia Roberts filmed her classic hit. Within this region, there was a shopping area which a few were more than glad to explore. For dinner we had a fish pie filled with salmon, potatoes, and baked crispy on the outside and bread pudding for desert.
Our last day in London was an absolute blast and we are sad to leave it behind tomorrow. We looking forward to our final leg of the trip in Dublin tomorrow!
-Annika Olson and Nusla Mohamed


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