Rothenburg! Posted on January 25th, 2015 by

After leaving Berlin this morning in a tiny bus, we have arrived in the medieval city of Rothenburg. As we were entering the city, you could see the wall surrounding the city by our hotel. We ate a traditional South German dinner with a pork meatloaf and potatoes, along with a dumpling soup and salad. Since we have been here only a few hours later in the day, it hasn’t seemed like a very busy town. However we learned on our tour with the night watchman, Gothenburg hosts about 2.2 million tourists each year. The tour took place after dinner, and we walked around the city with our guide, seeing the main church which took 140 years to build, and of course parts of the city wall. He explained aspects of medieval life and how the city grew. It also created a comparison to a different city a little further north: Nurnberg. We stopped here for 2 hours around lunchtime, and although it has a history of being a bad neighbor to Rothenburg, it was a beautiful city that houses a fortress, and sections of a city wall. Both of these medieval cities are well kept, and it’s crazy to think how old these buildings are!


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