Cork, Cork, and All Hallows Eve

Posted on November 8th, 2009 by

The last two weekends I’ve spend in Cork.  Which is a lively city about two and half hours away from Ballyvaughan.  The first weekend Kathren and me visited with IFSA for the Guinness Jazz Festival.  There was a ton of music, and people.  We stayed in a very nice hotel near one of the two rivers that run through the city, and we were within a reasonable walking distance of all the action.  Our hotel’s bar was also hosting part of the festival so, if we wanted to we could just hang out there.  We took this opportunity to go shopping, which was tons of fun with the next weekend being halloween.

The wednesday before halloween the school invited up the local children for “Halloween Fun Time!”  We put on activities for the kids, and invited parents to donate to the local church.  The kids and the students had a lot of fun, making masks, face painting, trick or treating, playing games, and just general fun.

The next weekend a group of us decided to take the bus into cork for halloween and enjoy in the festivities there.  Again more shopping, a movie since it’s a nice rest during the day.  The hostel we stayed at was close to a lot of pubs joining in on the festivities. We had a good time and returned.

It’s was nice coming back to a fairly uneventful week.  Although we have started a series of critiques run by the grad students, allowing the undergrad students to get some new perspective on there work, and find new directions to hear in.  So most of the week has been about being productive and planing what to show.

Currently our favorite Top Cat is lounging in the brief moments of sunshine we are so excited to have after the last couple of rainy, windy weeks although the temperature has mostly been in the 50’s.


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