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I'm a Junior at Gustavus, and will be attending Burren College of Art for the 2009 Fall semester, which is located in Ballyvaughan, Ireland.


Stalking in the Burren

So thanksgiving was awesome in Belfast and I’m an idiot and didn’t bring my camera so you don’t get to see what the giants causeway, the rope bridge, or any of the other sweet things I saw.  Although I’m sure if you google them you’ll get a general idea what they look like.  Kathren and […]

Raging Turloughs

For the last week it’s been mostly raining, and pouring, and flooding.  The tourlochs (a unique type of disappearing lake found mostly in limestone areas of Ireland, west of the River Shannon.) have been over flowing because the water table is too high for there usual confinements.  The water is flowing over the roads and has cut […]

Cork, Cork, and All Hallows Eve

The last two weekends I’ve spend in Cork.  Which is a lively city about two and half hours away from Ballyvaughan.  The first weekend Kathren and me visited with IFSA for the Guinness Jazz Festival.  There was a ton of music, and people.  We stayed in a very nice hotel near one of the two […]

Big Ben, Freeze, Camden Market and sushi

So London, it’s amazing. We left here around ten thirty or so and got on our flight and arrived at our hotel around five, starving.  Where upon we were all hungry which caused a mass exodus from the hotel towards anything that sold food.  A few of my friends convinced me Indian food was a […]

Top Cat of the Burren

So this week has been rather uneventful.  However tomorrow we leave for london for four days! We’re all really excited, plenty of museums are on the docket but we’ll also have some free time to do some fun stuff. We have a cat that lives on campus, and he likes to hang out in my […]

Lisdoonvarna and THE MOUNTAIN

Last weekend a bunch of us decided it would be fun to go to the matchmaking festival in lisdoonvarna, which is a town maybe twenty minutes away or so.  It’s a month long festival held in the town, which also is known for it’s spa’s.  It’s a crazy mess of pubs, with lot’s of people […]

Galway, Dublin, Turloughs oh my!

We went on a trip to Galway, a city about a 45 minute drive from Ballyvaughan.  It’s a good sized city with plenty of things to do.  We went on a walking tour of it, our guide was excellent he was very funny and told us all kinds of rumors, and interesting facts, like the […]

The Burren

They kept us very busy during orientation and the week following.  So far we’ve done a bus tour of the Burren, and  the Connemara.  Which was a lot of fun, the beaches which make up a part of the Connemara are beautiful, and because it was briefly sunny when we were there it looked more […]

Orientation in Dublin

So I meant to post this a week ago, and thought I had but apparently I didn’t so, many apologies. I’m attending The Burren through IFSA, which holds an orientation before taking us out to school in Dublin for two days.  There are only two students from IFSA going to Burren so, Kathren and I […]

Getting Ready to Take Off.

Hello All! I will be studying abroad in Ballyvaughan, Ireland, at a Burren College of Art a small college on the West Coast of the Republic of Ireland. My flight has been scheduled and now I’m beginning the seemingly endless process of what to pack for 4 months? how many bags will the airline allow? what do […]