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Education and Healthcare in Peru

OK folks – here is our blog site.  Have a good holiday and we will see you on January 4 at 9 a.m.  – Mattson hall 201

20 last days in Sevilla

November is almost over, Christmas lights have been put up but it seems like fall has just arrived here in Sevilla. It gets really cold early in the morning and later at nights but during the day, we are usually fine in a shirt and a light jacket. Next week will be my last week […]

Valencia – Spain beyond Andalucia

During almost four months in Spain, I have been to a lot of places but I did not realize that all the places I have been to in Spain are all in Andalucía, one of the autonomous communities. Every city has its own beauty but they all share the same culture, the churches, the cathedral, […]

The Clique

As I was uploading my traveling photos onto Facebook and tagging people in it, I realize that I only have four close friends who are in every single album I have and those four only. I love my friends but somehow I wish I had more people in it. It is not that we do […]

Cementerio de Nueva Esperanza

The hills are alive with the bright colors graves. Millions of graves ranging from piles of stones to full-out cement altars with stairs, as people have been able to afford. It started out as an appropriation of unused land, the squatting dead, so to speak, and it has become a veritable unplanned city of the […]

Pictures of a Minority of Lima

Welcome to a minority of Lima. All these pictures are from la Costa Verde in Miraflores. The tourist track will lead you here, and most CIEE Lima host family placements aren’t far away either. For this post I draw largely on our Peruvian Social Reality class with Juan Carlos Callirgos, an Anthropology prof at la […]

A Few Updates

This weekend many people choose to travel because it is the weekend that Spaniards call “el puente” – directly translated as “the bridge” but it just means a long weekend. This Tuesday is “Día de Todos los Santos” or Day of all the Saints and no one has class on that day so what many […]

I Left My Heart in Lisbon.

Studying abroad brings many opportunities to travel and even more when you are in Europe because you are so close to everything. It could be costly even with the cheapest way but it is worth it because it may be a chance in a lifetime. Last weekend my friends and I took a bus to […]

Going out Culture in Sevilla

Spanish people like to go out. No matter how old, how late, how often, they all go out, even during weeknights but definitely weekends. Sometimes I get tired of making excuses for not going out when my host mom asks. I feel like she goes out more than I do. Going out here does not […]

Things that I do not like about Sevilla

As much as I love Sevilla, there are of course things that I do not like, more or less I do not understand. This is going to be the one and only article that I write about these things because they are all little things and that is all to write about. First of all, […]