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Today (the twenty-first) marked our last full Tuesday here in Ballyvaughan. We will be leaving for Dublin one week from today and everyone is doing their best to enjoy their last few days here. We woke up to the now all-too familiar sound of rain, and although the day was rather rainy and cloudy overall, the weather did clear up in the afternoon and we had the chance to enjoy a little sunshine.


Enjoying the change in weather near the college

 The day was pretty quiet overall; we spent the morning in Baker’s class wrapping up our discussion of Frank McCourt’s memoir Angela’s Ashes, in preparation for our visit to Limerick on Thursday, which is where much of the book is based. After a delicious lunch of Hungarian Goulash in the college café, we headed to the digital lab for an informal photoshop session with Priscilla. We were split into two groups and spent the day either working on our photography and writing portfolios or braving the rain and walking back to the cottages. Later in the afternoon, we had the incredible opportunity to page through one of the only original copies of the Book of Kells. The college librarian Robert supervised as students wore gloves and leafed through the pages of the £10,000+ replica. It was an incredible opportunity and experience for all of us, especially as we prepare to go to Dublin next week and see the real Book of Kells at Trinity College.

Book of Kells

Students paging through the Book of Kells

 To wrap up a quiet, drizzly evening, my cottage roommate Amanda and I made a pot of tea and did some reading while curled up next to the fireplace in our cottage. Most students spent their evenings reading, working on their writing or photography projects, or eating a casual dinner at everyone’s favorite pub and restaurant in Ballyvaughan, Logue’s Lodge. Overall, it was a quiet, relaxing, and perfect way to begin our last week here.

When asked how they felt knowing we now only have one week left in our cozy cottages in Ballyvaughan, this is how students responded:

“Amazed that it’s gone by so fast!” – Aly

“Sad, very sad.” – Elizabeth, David, and basically everyone else

“I’m very bummed. Like a small child, on Monday morning.” – Amanda


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