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David Sorensen – Portfolio

I duck into the dimly lit interior of the pub, immediately confronted by the lyrics of an old eighties rock anthem. It sounds a bit like “We Built This City,” but the sound is too weak to hear clearly. A wide bar extends back and around the corner, lined every few feet with a set […]

Stephen Bormann, Final Project

A raised circle of ground stood against the level grazing field.  I stood at the base of the green slope, my feet almost touching it, but just an inch back.  Nothing moved around me: it was silent.  I closed my eyes and listened.  The silence became even stronger.  These “fairy forts” seemed to demand respect […]

To the Country I Loved So Well

A silence choked the air as the man strode across the cold stone floor and tucked himself away on the creaky oak bench. The white lapels of his crinkled shirt overpowered his brown blazer. The singer rested a guitar on his tan cords and held the neck of the instrument at his shoulders. He gave […]

Brendan Maloney, Final Project

Spirit of Ireland             One of the first things that I did when I got here was to go on a long walk and get a feel for the area.  I had just arrived in the Burren the night before; it was dark and I was tired and I just wanted to get to bed, […]

Kailee Carlson~ Final Portfolio

Spirit of Ireland As I walk down the twisty one lane road, the strong whistling wind blows my untamed hair across my face.  The clouds have turned dark and forbidding once again and the thought of rain is near.  Before I have time to realize what is coming, all at once sheets of rain splatter […]

Greg Meyer Final Ireland Portfolio: Death, Flowers, and Graffiti

“To be Irish is to know that in the end the world will break your heart.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan  I’ve always been ashamed when Shane McGowan queries, “Have you ever walked the lonesome hills, or heard the curlews cry? Or seen the raven black as night upon the wind-swept sky? To walk the purple heather […]

Elizabeth’s Final Project: Ireland and Me

A faint beeping registers in my mind, and it steadily grows louder as I drift towards consciousness. I silently complain as I pull my arm out from under the warm blankets and into the chilly morning air to turn off my watch alarm. The horrid thing silenced, I quickly retreat into my warm cocoon, closing […]

Alli Conrad Final Project

Spirit of Ireland Essay America is littered with fast food restaurants, discount super stores, and shopping malls.  Everywhere you turn you can see buildings and roadways under construction.  As Americans, we are obsessed with the newest technology and the cheapest deals.  This often comes with sacrificing expensive goods and products that are well worth it, […]

Lacie Micek- Final Portfolio

Natural Landscape: Take a Closer Look    Spirit of Ireland: Contradictory Characteristics This huge mound of earth on the Irish landscape is calling me to ascend to the top.  I find a small pathway, but I am not sure how high it will lead me.  Is it too muddy to be walking here with these […]

Allisse Rouleau – Photography Final Portfolio

Urban Landscape: The Dearly Departed Natural Landscape: Guided by Stones