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Greg Meyer Final Ireland Portfolio: Death, Flowers, and Graffiti

“To be Irish is to know that in the end the world will break your heart.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan  I’ve always been ashamed when Shane McGowan queries, “Have you ever walked the lonesome hills, or heard the curlews cry? Or seen the raven black as night upon the wind-swept sky? To walk the purple heather […]

Elizabeth’s Final Project: Ireland and Me

A faint beeping registers in my mind, and it steadily grows louder as I drift towards consciousness. I silently complain as I pull my arm out from under the warm blankets and into the chilly morning air to turn off my watch alarm. The horrid thing silenced, I quickly retreat into my warm cocoon, closing […]

Sarah Larson: Final Portfolios

The Land of a Thousand Colors of Green (Spirit of Ireland) Everything is wet – the stone fences, the winding streets, the tree branches, my clothes – just everything . It rains every day during the winter in Ireland but there’s a sacrifice to get the thousand colors of green. The mornings are the best […]

Alli Conrad Final Project

Spirit of Ireland Essay America is littered with fast food restaurants, discount super stores, and shopping malls.  Everywhere you turn you can see buildings and roadways under construction.  As Americans, we are obsessed with the newest technology and the cheapest deals.  This often comes with sacrificing expensive goods and products that are well worth it, […]

Lacie Micek- Final Portfolio

Natural Landscape: Take a Closer Look    Spirit of Ireland: Contradictory Characteristics This huge mound of earth on the Irish landscape is calling me to ascend to the top.  I find a small pathway, but I am not sure how high it will lead me.  Is it too muddy to be walking here with these […]

Allisse Rouleau – Photography Final Portfolio

Urban Landscape: The Dearly Departed Natural Landscape: Guided by Stones  

Alyson Skoglund: Final Essays and Photos

Spirit of Ireland Essay Over the churning Atlantic Ocean, the clouds gather and build up strength.  Pulling the ocean with them, they charge recklessly towards their target, a tiny island off the coast of Europe.  With a final surge they assault Ireland with winds and rain, beating and lashing at everything in its path.  Darkness […]

Becca Nelson – Final Project

Spirit of Ireland  There is wisdom in the land.  Stones that have been haphazardly placed upon others thousands of years ago still stand.  These stones who have seen the brightest and most carefree moments have also seen the darkest.  The rocks absorb the laughter that echoes as children from the primary school play.  Their giggles […]

Jessica Martin – Final Portfolio

Personal Narrative: Creative Ireland                   Ireland is much more than a rainy country composed of endless farmland and pubs filled with unquenchable thirst. This stretch of natural beauty provides the perfect atmosphere for one’s talent and creativity to flow freely like the river Shannon. While roaming through Galway City I notice each little storefront’s unique […]

Morgan Cronin’s Final Portfolio

The Spirit of Ireland The rough, gray stones form long, winding fences that weave their way across the hills, having been set firmly in place by people long past. Soft, green moss grows in the cracks, crevices, and corners where the stones meet and along the bumpy edges. The moss continues to grow up several, […]