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Allisse Rouleau – Photography Final Portfolio

Urban Landscape: The Dearly Departed Natural Landscape: Guided by Stones  

Allisse Rouleau – Creative Writing Assignments

Personal Narrative We are at Greene’s bar in the heart of Ballyvaughan, and our faces are glowing by the light of the coals in the fireplace we’re surrounding for warmth. I order a Jameson and ginger at the bar for six euros, and sit at a table with friends I know, and friends I haven’t […]

Crossing Country; Ending the trip in Dublin

On this, our last morning in Ballyvaughan, my cottage mates and I pack up our suitcases in preparation for our last few days in Ireland. “What a sad day!?” says my roommate, Leah, as both of us are collecting our belongings. “I don’t want to leave!” We eat whatever food is left in the fridge, […]