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A few weeks ago, we all traveled to the local Tesco where we completed an assignment as part of our Bahasa Melayu class (Language Course). Our task included finding distinctive recipe ingredients under an allotted price. At the time, our Cikgu’s hinted at the fact that we may be cooking some of the exact meals later on down the road. Therefore, when we found out we were preparing and having a meal last week, we all assumed it’d be from one of our assignments. Little did we know, what was in store for us!

This past week, our lovely Bahasa Cikgu’s (Azlina, Siti, and Maryani) treated us to a traditional Malaysian meal! The meal included an assortment of dishes like rice, chicken, fish, vegetables and even dessert! Our meal began with a typical separation of tasks. Joey, Kirsten, Kris, and Kory cut up a plethora of vegetables that would later be added to our meal. Liz, Heather, Jenna, Krystal and I were tasked with starting the main courses. We got the stove set up and began to start the process of cooking the chicken. Along the way, we added a variety of ingredients such as onion, butter, oil, and other malay spices – Malaysians add lots of spices! Meanwhile, Jena, Kristine and Jen were all readying the table with plates, napkins and such. All in all, it took about 2 hours to complete the entirety of the cooking necessary to feed 15+ people.

Conclusively, we all sat down to enjoy our traditional malay meal of which we helped perfect with the help of our wonderful cikgu’s. By far, my favorite food of the day was the Rendang Ayam (chicken). It was so good because it had this peanut/chilli taste that left both a sweet and sour sensation on the tip of my tongue – YUM!!!! Ultimately, It was such a great experience during my time here in Malaysia because I always wanted to learn about some of the traditional foods! Here is a collective list of the delicious foods we consumed on that glorious Thursday afternoon:

  1. Sayur Lodeh (Vegetables in coconut soup)
  2. Nasi Impit (Rice Cake).
  3. Rendang Ayam (Chicken)
  4. Sambal Sotong Besar (Cuttlefish)
  5. Pengat Pisang (Banana Dessert)

Thanks for reading friends!  We are all sending lots of love from Malaysia!

photo 4-1

Me( Haley Coller) Cooking the Rendang Ayam!!

photo 5-1

Rendang Ayam :)

photo 1

The Group (Jenna King, Jena Nutzman, Kristine Molde, Krystal Kreutzer, Kory Kolis, and Kris Reiser) Waiting On the Finishing Touches of Food!


Pengat Pisang :)



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    Amazing experiences. Am so envious, but happy for you….let’s have the world be a better place from these mind expanding travels.