Visit from Dr. Joseph L. Mbele

Posted on January 5th, 2015 by

Dr. Joseph L. Mbele. St. Olaf College, spoke with the group about his book African and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences, this afternoon.

Dr. Joseph L. Mbele, St. Olaf College, spoke with the group about his book African and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences, this morning. Great discussion and lots of learning about differences and similarities between the two cultures took place.



Dr. Joseph L. Mbele stayed after the discussion to join us for lunch and sign personal copies of books.



  1. Elaine Hofer says:

    Best wishes MaKena while you and your class are gone!
    Take care and enjoy your time there.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Joseph L. Mbele says:

    I enjoyed meeting and talking with you all. I greatly appreciate all the questions I was asked, arising from what I say or don’t say in my book. I also wrote a few words about our meeting:

    I wish you all safe, refreshing travels, and plenty of learning. As we say in Swahili, “karibu sana Tanzania,” i.e. you are very welcome to Tanzania.

  3. Mike Bishop says:

    This will be a great trip and experience for everyone. Looking forward to following your progress. Enjoy!!!

  4. Kay Stubbe says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Kelsey Harms! Stay safe and enjoy your time with your friends. Looking forward to following your blog – sounds like a very exciting learning experience.
    Love, Aunt Kay

  5. Carol Welp says:

    Way to go Ashley- you should be rested and ready – one day finished already…plus the goings..hugs. Grandma Carol Welp

  6. Linda Snyder says:

    Hope you are totally in awe!! We followed you through the skies, God Bless and lots of love!!

  7. Linda Snyder says:

    Good to know you got there just fine, enjoy, we love you!

  8. Brenda Arnold says:

    Glad to hear everyone has arrived safely! So excited to hear about your
    journey and your experiences in Tanzania. Praying for everyone and sending
    our love to Rachel!

  9. Beth Simms says:

    Lots of love to Abby! We’re so excited to hear more about your experiences and insights.

  10. Joe Simms says:

    Have a great time in Tanzania! Learn a lot. Our love to Abby!

  11. Darcy Winter says:

    Bo, it sounds like such an amazing experience, and I hope lots of fun. Enjoy, love you!

  12. Linda Snyder says:

    Sounds like you are being kept very busy! Ashley, Grandpa and Grandma wish we were there too. Can’t wait to see all your photos and hear all about your trip! Love you and prayers for all of you.