Willkommen in Deutschland

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IMG_0320Hello everyone!  We have arrived in Germany.  Not our final destination yet, but close.  We arrived at the Munich airport at 12:30pm local time (5:30am central) and are waiting for our final leg – Munich to Berlin at 3:30pm (8:30am central).  It has been a long day and isn’t even close to be over but we are all hanging in there.

We arrived at MSP with plenty of time.  The students kind of trickled in (all well before our 2:00 deadline – thanks everyone!) which allowed us to get everyone checked in at a leisurely pace using the automated kiosks.  It went very smooth and as MSP was the quietest we have ever seen, we got through security with no problems!  Thanks to all the parents and family members who came by to say hi to Aaron and I.  We love meeting all of you and thanks for sharing your students with us for the next 2+ weeks.DSC00979 DSC00978 DSC00976 DSC00975 DSC00974 DSC00973  DSC00970 DSC00966 DSC00967 DSC00968 DSC00963 DSC00961

It turned out we had A LOT of time to explore MSP.  Our flight to Chicago O’hare was delayed almost an hour and half due to a delay in the inbound aircraft.  Students wandered around, played games, watched some playoff football, and, of course, grabbed some last minute American food.  The delay made us a little nervous about our connecting flight but it ended up being great.  We landed in Chicago with a quick taxi and it turned out our international gate was right around the corner.  Everyone had time for a quick bathroom stop before getting in line to board the flight to Munich.  IMG_2005IMG_0321

We had a pretty uneventful flight – most people slept or watched movies  or got interrupted every hour or so for more food or drink- until right at the end when one student got a little air sick.  She’s rallied and everyone is in good spirits to get to Berlin.  We look forward to an afternoon/evening of sightseeing, getting checked into our hotel, and a little class to kick off our trip.

You will hear from two of our students tonight to fill you in on our first day in Berlin.

Good afternoon/morning!

Aaron and Mary


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  1. Rohan Abeyesekera says:

    hatte eine gute zeit :)