Clear Skies All Day Posted on January 16th, 2015 by

Throughout our week spent in Ostfriesland,we have been noticing a similar pattern in the weather….rain. Although every day so far has had its fair share of rain, today we had a pleasant surprise, blue skies! Along with this surprise came a fun filled day of windmills, traditions, and a brewery. We started our day by stopping by the last and only working mill in the area which has been around since the 1800s. This mill had four levels in which we could explore, along with the sweetest and most proud miller. After the tour, we were very lucky to have a private tour of one of  the windmills at Enercon. We learned that just one windmill weighs about 7 tons! Later in the day we got to experience one of Ostfriesland’s favorite traditions, a game played on the street called boßeln. This game is played between two teams, where one at a time each player rolls a wooden ball down the road to see who’s ball rolls the furthest. We had a great time playing this traditional game with our host families and were very fortunate for them to share one of their favorite traditions with us. After boßeln, our group, along with our host families, traveled to the Ostfriesland Brewery where we got a tour of the grounds followed by a very filling, but delicious, meal of traditional Ostfriesland food!

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