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Our Road Trip to an Ancient City

January 23rd was one of the more memorable days of our Turkish excursion.  We started the day by throwing off our inadequate bed sheets and stumbling down the darkened stairwell to the Palm Hotel lobby.  Despite Lei’s best efforts the hotel refused to turn on those lights so I took to carrying my insurance card […]

January 15 in Istanbul by Mandy

Today was, once again, a beautiful day in Istanbul. First, our tour guide Ender (the man, the myth, the legend) took us to Dolmabahce Palace, which was mind-boggling. It was built in 1856 and, surprisingly, Mimar Sinan was not the master architect. After Sultan Selim III was murdered in Topkapi Palace, the move to this […]

First day of class

Operation Istanbul: Day 1 10:30-12:30 in Old Main 205 Today marked the beginning of our adventure to Istanbul, Turkey and we started by learning more about Turkey’s somewhat tumultuous political history.  Considering some people’s knowledge of Turkey going into this class consisted entirely of information contained in the song “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”, an overview of […]

I thought I would get skinny in Europe

It’s a well-known fact: all people who study abroad in the U.S.A.  gain twenty pounds and those who go to Europe lose about twenty pounds. It’s proven, trust me. Google it. Anyways, so I thought I would magically come to Europe and lose some weight. I have to walk everywhere, they don’t have fast food, […]

Prepared for Departure

I’m not nervous. The business-like brevity of everything at airports makes me feel settled and that everything is in order, and it is.