Getting Ready to Take Off.

Posted on August 26th, 2009 by

Hello All!

I will be studying abroad in Ballyvaughan, Ireland, at a Burren College of Art a small college on the West Coast of the Republic of Ireland.

My flight has been scheduled and now I’m beginning the seemingly endless process of what to pack for 4 months? how many bags will the airline allow? what do I really need? Can I carry all of these items by myself?  My biggest feat so far is deciding what I need for supplies, since I’m attending an Art school, which is just a bit in the middle of nowhere as far as buying photographic paper, film, and charcoal.  Plus I’m still finishing and finding more paperwork, or informing places that I’m going abroad.  I had to apply for a ISIC (International Student Identification Card) while not necessary apparently it can be quite handy, and gets you discounts at certain places, although bonus I updated my passport the summer before I went to college!!  Yay! Super prepared mom, who has been more than helpful with the loads of paperwork, and has been super supportive of the idea of sending her daughter away to a foreign country, albeit a civilized peaceful one.  It’s hard to imagine everything you need fitting in one large suitcase, a camera bag, and a backpack.


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  1. U. Marsh says:

    Well, by now you have stepped off the plane, and are probably working on a good case of jet lag. Hope you were able to get caught up on your movie viewing during the long flight. Enjoy your adventure. Bye for now.