Greetings from Tanzania, Africa!

Posted on January 21st, 2010 by

Hello all! I am sitting in an air conditioned internet cafe in Iringa, Tanzania. It is still maybe aroud 80 degress in here, but it feels nice. The last time somebody from our group blogged, we were about to embark on our journey to the small village of Tungamalenga, which is only around 70 kilometers away from Iringa, but the road is so choppy it takes over three hours on a bus. We had a fabulous time in Tungamalenga, getting a closer look at a community. They welcomed us with open arms, constantly surrounding us with singing and hugs. It was really an amazing time. We also spent two days in Ruaha National Park, and we saw lions, giraffes, zebras, tons of elephants, hippos, leapards, and one of our new favorite animals: dick dicks. They choose a partner and mate for life, so we like them. When we went back to Tungamalenga for two days, we got to go to our third Preaching Point, which is when a preacher goes to even more remote areas to spread the word of the Lord. Those places were amazing, with two of them being specifically for the Massai people, which is a tribe that is very traditional in Africa.

All in all, we have had countless amazing experiences and I know that whoever is reading this could ask anyone on the trip to see their photos, and we will all proudly show them!

This blog does not begin to describe all the things and people that have touched us in the past six days, but I am running out of time on this computer. Hope everything is well at home, and nobody is too cold! SKOAL VIKINGS!



  1. Dan says:

    80 degrees in Iringa. Im tanzanian in iringa, stop misleading people Lilian. Its a shame!

  2. Mara Johnson-Groh says:

    Hi guys! I hope you trip is going well. I can’t believe you were at KCMC! I wish I had known. This year I’m living just 6km up the mountain from the hospital. It’s amazing where you will find Gusties… Well, pole sana for the hot weather!

  3. Shelli Musech says:

    L, Awesome to hear you are having fabulous life experiences!!!! Will be fun to hear in person!! Shelli