Up, Up, and Away to Florence!

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After nearly 24 hours of traveling (including the 7 hour time zone change – – which if you weren’t aware is quite awful!) and only a couple of security breaches (I had to chug half a nalgene bottle of water in front of a German security guard), I am now on my last plane to Florence! This last flight lasts about a little over an hour and takes us from Frankfurt, Germany to the one and only FLORENCE, ITALY! I actually just chose a turkey sandwich over a cheese one J I’ll let you know later how it tastes!

Now, I am finally able to say that I am finally PSYCHED/EXCITED/STOKED OUT OF MY MIND! This is actually happening! This is real! This is why I did this! I actually (surprisingly) haven’t really had time just yet to get terrified or nervous. I am quite thankful for this for many obvious reasons…

So, to summarize what has happened thus far (and yes. A lot happens in three flights with two layovers!) First, the trip from Minneapolis to Chicago was really quick but wonderful! Melanie and I somehow got separated even though we booked our flights together. However, there was a lovely middle-aged woman who sat in the aisle seat in the same row as me (I was in the window seat with no one between us). I quickly took my seat, and being the speechie I am I immediately asked her how she was doing…Well, one hour later, and 47 subjects later we had talked about nearly everything! It turns out that she was at a wedding in Minneapolis with her husband (seated behind us) and her mother (in first class thanks to her husbands frequent flier miles). The most interesting part of this situation was that this woman’s mother did not speak English but the native language of Ethiopia! However, my new friend spoke English quite well and told me all about different adventures her and her husband had had in Italy. It also turns out that her son, who is a medical student in Illinois, had gotten a grant in school to work at a local hospital. In South Africa. During the World Cup. So awesome! I have always enjoyed airplane friends.

Unfortunately, this lovely Ethiopian-American was the first and last friend I made on the flight, seeing as I don’t speak fluent (or any?) German! After we departed O-hare Airport we boarded Lufthansa Air to Frankfurt Germany where (one again) Melanie and I were separated :( (THIS TURKEY SANDWHICH IS GREAT)This separation, along with the inconsiderate idiot in front of me who thought it was ok to lean back his chair completely leaving me with five inches of room to sleep, made this the longest and most exhausting flight ever! I did enjoy the in-flight movies nevertheless. Date Night: hilarious! I love Steve Carrel, Tina Fey, and Kristin Wigg!! Bounty Hunter: Really? They get together in the end and kiss between cells? Lame. How to Train Your Dragon: Seen it. Loved it again :D Other than movies and the incredible turbulence that knocked the poor flight attendant to her knees (lol) the ride was pretty usual.

THIS JUST IN! HOLY CRAP THE ALPS! The view from the plane is absolutely stunning (see below picture)…I just feel like the stereotypical tourist, taking picture after picture but this is just something else! They seem to just keep going on and on! (as does this amazing turkey sandwich I can’t reiterate enough!!!).This flight is just so epic!My ears aren’t hurting yet (they usually do) and I haven’t gotten motion sickness yet! I’mfinally feeling ecstatic about this decision to travel abroad. To all you freshmen/Sophomores/Juniors that haven’t gone yet, I am not even to my school yet and I recommend highly, with no reserves, GO ABROAD! I cannot explain how anxious I am to start this 4-month experience!

Now that I am off my soap box, I’ll bid you adieu for now, as I think we are landing soon (and my wine is nearly gone J). Keep tuned for my next entry, which will be after I have actually stepped foot in Florence :) I promise! Thanks for reading!


P.s. I’m starting this challenge for myself while I’m in Italy…It will be title the “The Collected Coffee Cups Challenge.” Basically, since i’m told you’ll drink a lot of coffee/espresso/lattes/etc… in Italy, I am going to take a picture of every drink i purchase/consume. 1 down, a LOT to go :D


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  1. jill Fischer says:

    Wonderful opening, Sam! Look forward to your future posts and hearing what’s like for your once you actually land in Florence :)