South Africa: Examining Global Service

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Welcome to the blog for the J-Term course, South Africa: Examining Global Service! This site will serve as a platform for students to share their experience, provide insight into their respective learnings and challenges, and to raise meaningful questions that will engage you, the reader.

The blogs will be the students’ answers to the daily journal questions they are expected to respond to. The questions will be generated each day by the students, our South African hosts, and myself and Ellen. That way, we ensure that the questions are relevant to our experience and circumstance and challenge the way we see the world and service.

We are hoping to post to the site each day we are in South Africa, internet access permitting, and we hope that you follow along. Your responses are highly welcomed!

Looking forward to our journey and sharing it with you.



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  1. Saharla says:

    Will there be a trip like this next year or will it be at a different location? I’m a senior high school considering Gustavus next year.

  2. David Newell says:

    Saharla –

    Thanks for the comment! There are several classes abroad, both semester courses and January term experiences. I encourage you to check out the Center for International and Cultural Education website for more information ( It is a great way to see the world and engage in cross cultural education – for some, it is life changing!

    This class has been offered in the past, and although not offered next January, could potentially be done again during your time at Gustavus (if you come!).