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South Africa – Maggie Kennedy

This place is amazing. The campsite, the campers, the staff, Africa Jam – they all have been such an inspiration to me in the last 4 days. I started my journey having no idea what to expect or what I would encounter and now reflecting on my last day at camp I am filled with […]

South Africa – Braden Schmid

Sitting at camp looking out over an endless body of water on one side being overlooked by a towering mountain, words cannot explain the experiences I have had during the past three days. Upon arrival in South Africa (finally most of us would say!) we headed straight for the townships. To us in the U.S., […]

Greetings! Welcome to the blog for the J-Term course, South Africa: Examining Global Service! This blog will serve as a platform for students to share their experience, provide insight into their respective learnings and challenges, and to raise meaningful questions that will engage you, the reader. The blogs will be stories and reflections on events that occurred […]

South Africa – Change

By Daniel Bergevin-Smith I feel as though we as Americans, and maybe even more specifically Minnesotans, are conservative and lack expression. We restrict ourselves, and therefor we don’t like change. As people, we become accustomed to what we know, there is comfort in what we know. Which leads us to a reluctance for change, if […]

South Africa – Langa Tour

Hannah Smith   Tour of Langa   As the trip was coming to a close, I reflected upon all of the life-changing experiences we had gone through as a group. From the incredibly passionate worship services at camp to the overwhelming sense of community and welcoming in the townships of Khayelitsha and Lotus River, I […]

South Africa – Culture Shock

There has definitely been a great deal of culture shock for me upon returning home to the United States. Because of this, my learning about the culture of the South Africans in Cape Town has continued since I got home. I had many “ah-ha!” moments where things I had learned or experienced throughout our trip […]

South Africa – Visiting Langa, the First Township

  Elliot Larson Blog Post January 15th, 2013 “Community” Redefined on the Langa Township Tour Throughout our trip the word “community” had been a common theme, as it is easy to see that there is a strong sense of community here in South Africa. However, until today what this truly meant was still a bit […]

South Africa – Returning Home

Thankful.  Thankful is just one word that sums up my experience in Cape Town, South Africa.  Upon returning home from South Africa a few days ago I have become aware and very appreciative of these benefits that I have received in South Africa and these that I have come to realize upon returning home.  Before […]

South Africa – Khayelistsha the 2nd time around

This morning we boarded our two vans guided by Eugene like we have many other times. But, today there was more excitement in the vans because we actually knew who we were going to see and what we were going to do. Going back to Khayelitsha after our experience at camp was sure to be […]

South Africa –

1/13/13 Olivia DeSutter ‘15             When I woke up this morning, I knew that we were going to climb Lions Head mountain, but I don’t think that I realized what exactly climbing Lions Head mountain was going to entail.  When looking at the mountain from Cape Town it looks impressive, but it doesn’t look like […]