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Beginnings and Ends

Today we ended our stay at the Holiday Inn in Capetown, signaling the end of the first step of our South African Journey.  However the reason this end was to start a new beginning at the African Jam Camp, located in Simonstown, about an hour South of Capetown. While this journey meant the end of the pampering we had come to enjoy such as a soft bed and delicious complimentary continental breakfasts to name a few, it also meant the beginning of something much more amazing. We loaded up the bus for the hour drive to the south which had beautiful scenery along the coast and up in the mountains, including some sights that were more than surprising! Yet the real surprise came when we began when we arrived at Rocklands Center, the site at which Africa Jam camp is held. If the spectacular view, facility and our own personal pool weren’t enough, the people we met were even better.

Our American crew got to meet the Africa Jam leaders, most of which were right around our own age and people who had gone through the very system they were now in charge of. We introduced ourselves and then immediately got down to learning  games the leaders knew like 369 Out, Concentration, and Hi Jane, all of which saw the Americans struggling mightily everyone else laughed heavily. After all this and a quick supper, we had a great talk about the purpose of Africa Jam and prayer by Pastor David. Lastly for the night, us students got a chance to talk and bond with the South African leaders, staying up into the early hours of the night even though we would be up by seven the next morning. So while the first small piece of our South African trip has ended, the most important part has just begun. Tomorrow morning when all the campers begin to arrive we will all start a fresh beginning to Africa Jam Camp 2013, South African and Americans alike together, in an attempt to provide an amazing experience for the 100+ kids and young adults who come to have the time of their lives.

-Mitch Moore


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  1. Deb Kind (Maren's Mom) says:

    Olivia, Mitch, Lauren, Kate, and Grace — I just realized that none of the blog entries has received any comments yet, and I want you all to know that your entries have been read and are appreciated! I check to see if there is an update every day. It is great to hear how things are going. Thank you!