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A view from Galway Bay, which is across the street from our cottages.

Dear family and friends,

Wednesday was our official first day of class at the Burren College of Art. We started our morning with Baker’s literature class from 10:00 to 12:00. During this time, we discussed the poetry of William Butler Yeates and explored Norse and Irish mythology. We all tried our hand at interpreting the poetry and I believe we will improve with more practice.

For lunch, many of us tried cottage pie, which was the special of the day. I think all enjoyed the warm food because it was a little chilly outside. It seems like a lot of the food here is comfort food, which I have personally enjoyed. We did get to enjoy some sunlight between classes and were able to take some photos. We managed to  avoid the rain for the most part! After lunch, we started photography class from 1:00 to 3:00 with Priscilla and began to learn about the functions of our cameras. We ended class a little early so we could begin our photo excursions.

Many of us have been spending evenings at Logue’s (one of the local pubs) enjoying snacks and the free wifi. We also have engaged in some conversation with a few of the bartenders who have been very welcoming. Everyone we have met so far has been very friendly and understanding as we try to find our way here in Ireland. Robert, who manages our cottages, drives us to and from the college, and works at the college has been especially helpful. He even picked Amanda Toms, Jessie Dettling, and I up when we were walking back from the college. He seems to be everywhere and know everyone and has a great sense of humor. He should just be the mayor of the town. Or maybe he already is…


Logue’s Lodge Pub

Amanda and I spent some time photographing Galway Bay as part of our homwork for Thursday. Everyone seems to be getting over the jet lag and having a great time. We are enjoying trying new foods, meeting new people, and taking in the lush scenery that is so different from Minnesota.

A view from Galway Bay, which is across the street from our cottages.

A view from Galway Bay, which is across the street from our cottages.

When asked what the hardest thing to adjust to here, my colleagues said:

Sarah: “The hardest thing to adjust to has been getting around.  It has been interesting getting lost on random country roads and not knowing where you are – but it has definitely made the best stories and photos!”

Amanda: “One of the hardest things for me has been the change in routine. Convincing my body that it’s time to eat breakfast when it thinks it’s still 3am isn’t the easiest thing in the world. ”

Jessica M: “The hardest thing to adjust to for me is the combination of rain and wind. It’s very cold!!”

I will end with a photo our new friend we met in the women’s bathroom at the Burren college. He’s a sculpture that is bigger than human size and I think he looks like the grim reaper! So now some of us girls are avoiding the bathroom because he scares us.


The sculpture in the bathroom

We hope everyone is doing well back home and at Gustavus!

-Lauren Schiltz



  1. Julie Jones says:

    Lauren, So excited to hear of your adventure and looking forward to following your travels and experiences! What an opportunity. I hope it is all you expect and more!

  2. Lauri Haller says:

    So great to hear about your trip! Sounds like you will have some wonderful memories (and pictures!!) to take home with you. Hope to hear many stories when you return. Enjoy the entire experience, and stay safe!

  3. Pat Britt says:

    Thank you for this blog! It’s so fun to hear what you are up to sitting here in the white and grey Minnesota winter. I’m so glad you are enjoying your trip so far! Looking forward to hearing more of your big adventure!

  4. Addie Konnad says:

    Cool Beans Lauren! I can’t wait to see all the pictures I’m sure you’ll take and hear all the stories! We miss you here a lot and can’t want for you to be back.
    Stay warm :)

  5. Kristin Schiltz says:

    What is the grim reaper made of?? We want to know!

  6. Elodie Hubbard says:

    What a great trip – Ireland and Scotland have long been on my bucket list. I love your photos, but agree to avoid the Bathroom Reaper…ewww! Amuse-toi bien! :)