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The Last Journey

Munich, the city of angels, wait no that’s not right. Munich, the city of the past; a strange but fitting name. As we soon found out today. Bavaria is something of a special place here in Germany. For most people living in the United States it is the image of Germany that comes to mind. […]

A Happy Coincidence

Maybe it was a happy coincidence, maybe it was fate, maybe it was maybelline; all I know is that something in the stars said that we should visit the German goverment building the day after President Obama makes his State of the Union address. While this didn’t impact our visitation rights, it cast a new […]

Tales of Weary Travelers

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is not how I would describe the students as they rallied around the bus. Regardless the energy was high and anticipation hung in the air like axe body spray in a high school boys locker room. Despite: subzero temperatures, a slight wind, and a small flurry of snow, all the students made […]