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As part of our journey down the long path of Swahili fluency, we have been trying to master greetings.  Though this sounds simple enough, I assure you, it is no simple task.  Everyone tells us that Swahili is an easy language to learn, but I’m not yet convinced.  In English, there are a couple greetings […]

Raging Turloughs

For the last week it’s been mostly raining, and pouring, and flooding.  The tourlochs (a unique type of disappearing lake found mostly in limestone areas of Ireland, west of the River Shannon.) have been over flowing because the water table is too high for there usual confinements.  The water is flowing over the roads and has cut […]

Hello from way up der in good ole delhi1

Hi!! Alyssa Deutschmann here writing…i dont go to gustavus but us concordians gotta put up with all these gusties… :)This week we arrived in delhi a city of 19 million late sun nite at the Church of North India United, where the food has been absolutely amazing!! Theres even a wonderful bell that sounds when […]

Type to Learn

A few days back, I headed to the Nsoo Secondary School for another day of teaching.  I was running a little late and once reaching the school, headed straight for the classroom.  Before I reached my destination, I was intercepted by the school’s secretary, Mary.  She said the headmaster wanted a word with me.  I […]

Vanakkam, minna-san!

This means “Hello, everyone!”  Actually, that’s a combination of Tamil, a language spoken here in India, as well as Japanese, both of which I (sort of) speak.  My name is Brendan Nadeau, a junior political science major at Gustavus Adolphus college.  This week, the SPJD group was in Andhra Pradesh, near Zaheerabad, Medak district.  Earlier, we […]

A Week in Orissa

Namaste! This past week we began our third course, “Environment Ecology and Livelihood,” with a morning flight and a 4-hour jeep ride to our destination in Orissa, a state on India’s east coast. We stayed with an NGO called WIDA whose mission is to aid in the development of the surrounding villages. They welcomed us […]

Cork, Cork, and All Hallows Eve

The last two weekends I’ve spend in Cork.  Which is a lively city about two and half hours away from Ballyvaughan.  The first weekend Kathren and me visited with IFSA for the Guinness Jazz Festival.  There was a ton of music, and people.  We stayed in a very nice hotel near one of the two […]

Got Water?

In the land of 10,000 lakes, we tend to take water for granted. We swim in it in the summer, it always comes out of the faucet and we water our lawns with it in the middle of the day. In Tanzania things are a little different. Water is a commodity. In a developed nation […]

Um, what happened this week?

Wow, So I am straining my brain trying to remember what happened the week that I am supposed to write about.  We are now all back from our mid-semester breaks, I think everyone had a wonderful time (I know that I did).  But anyway I am supposed to write about the week before we left […]