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This past weekend our group went on an excursion to Novgorod. It was about a 3 hour bus ride one way, so, it wasn’t too long of a trip, but it was gloomy and sprinkled the whole time. And I loved it! Even though Novgorod is a small city (only 250,000 citizens compared to St. […]


Class has finally begin! It’s still all in the introduction phase since it hasn’t exactly been a week yet, but everything is so interesting so far. Aside from the intensive Japanese classes (which last about 2~3 hours a day, depending on the day) I’m taking four others– Japanese Culture and Art, Flower Arranging (or ikebana), […]

Still in Heidelberg

I believe it’s been a while since my last blog post. I’m not really used to remembering that sort of thing. Also I don’t remember what I talked about last time I wrote so we’ll see how this goes. Since last time, I have had more contact with the roommate/suitemate. I tend to try to […]

End of Orientation… part 2?

The Japanese sure love their orientations. I’ve been here for about 10 or 11 days now and it’s pretty much all been orientation. They are a very detail- and rule-oriented people, and I guess since that we’re foreigners they really want to make it sure that we get it right. Even if the power point […]

St. Petersburg!!!

Okay, so, I’ve been in St. Petersburg for about a week and a half and it has been amazing in so many ways (good, bad, unbelievable, etc.)! There are so many things that I have experienced in such a short amount of time. It actually feels like I’ve been here for a month and not […]

People Watching: Duomo style!

So you think the Mall of America or the State Fair is good for people watching? Psh. Go to the duomo and experience international people watching! ┬áIt brings the whole experience to a whole new level. Various groups/types of people who are rather enjoyable to people watch: 1. German Gangs 2. Awkward couples 3. Bros […]

First Gelato, First Pizza, and First Day!

I would have never imagined that so many exciting things could happen in such a small amount of time! In a nutshell, since we got off the plane in the Florence airport we managed to go to our hostel, roam downtown, eat gelato, eat at a pizzeria (gustapizza!!!), get a good night’s rest (jetlag succccks), […]

Up, Up, and Away to Florence!

The plane ride to florence for a semester!

End of Orientation

So today was the last day of the three day orientation, and what a trip it has been. Flying out to Tokyo is a 14 hour plane ride from DC, and it was pretty bad. Afterwards, I had about 30 minutes to make my connecting flight to Nagoya, which included going through customs, collecting my […]

Already in Heidelberg

Hello. I finally got internet in my room tonight!! I was afraid it would never happen. I also feared my computer here would never be able to charge again but my (new!) friend Sarah loaned me an adapter that seems to be working. So anyways, I guess I could have been writing sooner but somehow […]