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Lauren Schiltz- Final Portfolio

Spirit of Ireland Essay: Ghosts Leprechauns, beards, and redheads. Guinness, drinking men, and bar fights. Rain, clovers, and everything green. These are just some of the stereotypes that were on my mind upon entering Ireland. Just like anywhere else, some of these are true and some are terribly wrong. Ireland is notorious for being picturesque […]

Amanda Toms — Final Portfolio

The Spirit of Ireland This place feels familiar, yet surreal. Like a dream half-forgotten. But just when it seems it has completely slipped away, sunken to the bottom of the sub-conscious sea where all forgotten things go, something is seen, a memory jogged, and it is reeled up quickly before it can disappear forever. In […]

Allisse Rouleau – Creative Writing Assignments

Personal Narrative We are at Greene’s bar in the heart of Ballyvaughan, and our faces are glowing by the light of the coals in the fireplace we’re surrounding for warmth. I order a Jameson and ginger at the bar for six euros, and sit at a table with friends I know, and friends I haven’t […]

Crossing Country; Ending the trip in Dublin

On this, our last morning in Ballyvaughan, my cottage mates and I pack up our suitcases in preparation for our last few days in Ireland. “What a sad day!?” says my roommate, Leah, as both of us are collecting our belongings. “I don’t want to leave!” We eat whatever food is left in the fridge, […]

lesson learned.

I am two days, 287 miles, one sea, and one plane ride removed from Dublin. Sitting in a cramped 17-bed hostel room five minutes from King’s Cross station in London, I can’t help but miss the familiarity of our comparatively spacious and private rooms located conveniently in the heart of the city’s center. This being my first […]

On top of the world!

  Over the past few days it seems like we have been to every corner of Peru on every mode of transportation possible! Since arriving in Cusco a couple days ago we have toured the city, Incan ruins and the Catedral. On Monday, the 27th, we left at what seems to be our favorite time-530 […]

January 26th- last full day in India

Today was the last full day of our trip in India and Nepal. We woke up early to attend a 6am mass at the Mother Teresa Home. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to eat breakfast. From there we were assigned groups to do volunteer work at different sites of Mother Teresa’s organization called […]

A Bittersweet Last Night in Ballyvaughan

Sadly, today was our last day in the wonderful small village of Ballyvaughan.  We spent the day at the college scrambling to finish our photo and creative writing projects.  Each of us met with Priscilla and Baker to gather some constructive criticism in order to perfect our projects by the end of the trip.  We […]

January 26th

Signe Laura Peltier Thorpe   I’m in Kolkata, we got up early for a 6:00 AM Mass at Mother Theresa’s house, then we volunteered there. First just some laundry, then dressing changes, had tea time, fed them, and put some down for a nap. Then we painted their finger and toenails, because every girl across […]

One of our blogs from India/Nepal

One of our blogs from the trip: Sara and Rachael January 11th, 2014 Today we went to Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Asia. We started out with breakfast at the hotel, then took a bus to the slums. Before leaving the bus, some of us could feel the culture shock purely by just […]